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DonJoy Advantage

About DonJoy

DonJoy believes that Powering Motion—The company’s core philosophy is to “get and keep people moving” which is based on the idea that the key to a healthy lifestyle is activity and movement. DonJoy achieves this mission for the human race by offering products with better treatment outcomes and improved economics at scale. DonJoy achieves this by offering products across the continuum of care by employing over 5,000 people across 12 worldwide facilities.

Before it was called “DJO” it was simply DonJoy which was a small company from Carlsbad, California in a garage back in 1978 by the Mark Nordquist who was the Philadelphia Eagles Offensive line captain and local lawyer, Ken Reed. They named their company after their wives: Donna and Joy. Smart men!

In 1999, there was an LBO and the new team changed the name to DJ Orthopedics and took the company public in 2001. In Q1 of 2019, Colfax Corporation, acquired DJO as the foundational piece of their healthcare segment.