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DonJoy® IceMan Classic Wrap-On Pads

Cooler and Wraps

  • The DonJoy® IceMan Classic Replacement Pads provides a clear advantage with controlled delivery of cold therapy helping patients easily manage post-operative pain and swelling.

    The IceMan Classic cold therapy unit helps reduce pain and swelling which speeds up rehabilitation. It provides extended cold therapy for a variety of indications and protocols as directed by a medical professional. It utilizes DonJoy’s patented semi-closed loop circulations system, which maintains consistent and accurate temperatures.

    DonJoy offers a variety of different non-sterile and sterile dressings to deliver cold therapy to various parts of the body when used with one of the DonJoy IceMan® cold therapy units.


    • The Shoulder Wraps fits "big", meaning that most patients will find that the shoulder wrap is very loose. We recommend if you are under a 42-inch chest circumference, that you opt for the small shoulder pad. If you are at or above 42", then the shoulder pad should work fine.
    • Exact measurements of the regular shoulder pad are 14" x 23" x 12.5"
    • Exact measurements of the small shoulder pad are 12.75" x 19" x 12.25"
    • The standard hose length is 6.5 inches. The extended hose length is 15 inches. 
    • Large rectangular pad is useful for lower/lumbar back surgery. Measurements are 9.76" x 13.75". 
    • Small rectangular pad is useful for wrist. 
    • Forefoot pad is excellent for bunion surgery. 


        Customer Reviews

        Based on 18 reviews
        Teresa Hovarter
        Convenient care

        Performance is excellent, ease of use, reliable. Has made my husband’s recovery a better experience.

        Lesley Sterling
        Best Customer Service!!!

        Any company can sell me a product but OrthoBracing went waaay beyond my expectations! I ordered two different Donjoy Iceman cold pads but only one was in stock. They sent one first, since I was having surgery, and would send the other when available. Problem was, it wasn’t available for a long time. OrthoBracing offered several solutions and stayed with me every step of the way to make sure I was informed, happy and medically comfortable. No other company has tracked so well with me!

        Oh yes, the Donjoy Iceman shoulder cold wrap and spine wrap with large rectangle cold pad work perfectly with the Donjoy Iceman Clear3.

        Katelyn F
        Works great

        It fit our iceman classic machine perfectly and works well to cool knee after ACL surgery.

        Frank Bitetto
        Best way to ice

        The ice water pad wrapped around my knee replacement has been very practical and successful in keeping the swelling down. I also like the Velcro straps to keep the wrap in place and secure.

        Works great, Could be bigger

        I'm 5'4" 140#, this fits me fine. It wraps around nicely. But if you're a bigger person, this is not the hip pad for you.