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DonJoy Performance Bionic Reel-Adjust Back Brace

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  • The DonJoy® Performance Bionic™ Reel-Adjust Back Brace is a low profile back support (from L-1 to L-5) with removable rigid panels that are designed to help manage low-back pain, lumbar control, and low-back sprains and strains. Easy to adjust, the Bionic™ Reel-Adjust Back Brace is constructed with the Boa® Fit System that allows for quick adjustments and a secure fit when moving.

    Size Chart
    Universal Size is based on waist circumference.

    Product Features

    1. Two panels form a secure and customizable fit
    2. Two removable rigid panels for support and comfort 
    3. The Boa® Fit System allows for quick micro-adjustments and secure fit
    4. Ventilation allows for breathability and for comfort
    5. Pull tabs help with easy on/off application


    Open the brace and lay with Boa® knobs and silver panel face-up. Lift the Boa® knobs to loosen the lacing system. Adjust the brace size by lifting each of the silver panels and aligning with one of the slime green semi-circles on each side. Align the lacing system over your spine, keeping the "BIONIC™" logo legible. Slide your right hand into the finger slots to wrap brace around the waist. Secure the contact closure, right over left, so the brace is snug. Push the Boa® knobs down and turn for micro-adjustment and additional compression.


    Hand wash in warm water using mild soap, rinse thoroughly. Air dry.

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