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KinetiCold Ice Machine

Cooler Types

  • The KinetiCold Ice Machine is an industrial-strength compressive cold therapy machine designed for the weekend warrior or the patient who is recovering from surgery. 

    The KinetiCold Ice Machine was designed by orthopedic surgeons with the recovering patient in mind. The KinetiCold Ice machine was designed to be your Cold Hero during your recovery.

    The KinetiCold Ice Machine gently circulates water, cooled by ice, through an insulated hose to a patent-pending anatomic pad to the afflicted body part. Combining cold and compression is the gold standard your body is looking for while recovering. 

    You can choose between 3 cycle lengths (20,40,60 minutes) and 3 cycle strengths (low, medium, and high).

    Check with your doctor which cycle is best for you.

    Key Features

    • A highly portable machine which means while you are recovering, it can move with you--not against you.
    • Settings of High, Medium and Low allow you to dial in the exact compression you need along with the 20, 40, 60-minute session lengths
    • Affordable when compared to renting or buying competing cold therapy units.
    • It provides active compression which almost all other cold therapy units do not provide.
    • The digital dashboard gives you the peace of mind that you are receiving a therapeutic amount of cold therapy during a time-frame that is best suited for your body.
    • An industry-leading 1-year ice machine and pad warranty which gives you the confidence to purchase and know you will receive great value from the device. 

    Ease of Use

    • Add water to at least the "Water min" line in the cooler. 
    • Add ice cubes up to but not past the "Ice Max" line in the cooler. 
    • Shut lid. 
    • Plug-in power cord
    • Hold the power button in for 3 seconds. 
    • Choose a compression setting of Low, Medium or High. 
    • Choose a time setting: 20 minutes, 40 minutes, or 60 minutes. 


    How often do I use this?

    The final decision on usage belongs to your physician, but we find the most common usage is 20 minutes on/20 off. Use low compression immediately after surgery until sutures have set, usually a full week. Again- refer to your physician, but after the first-week switch to medium or high, whatever feels better to you.

    How do I get the water out of the wrap?

    With the unit powered down and the wrap still connected to the machine, raise it in the air above the machine and squeeze. The water will drain from the wrap back into the reservoir. The hose has one-way valves on either end, so water will not drain if the hose is not attached to the machine. Remember it is not necessary to drain the wrap after every use. 

    How much ice?

    Nothing is colder than ice. For best pain relief, it's important to keep the ice and temperatures in the low 30-degree range. You can use crushed or bagged ice, or we suggest freezing multiple small (7 ounces) water bottles. The reservoir will hold 4-5 frozen bottles, and as they thaw, replace them with frozen bottles in your freezer. This will give you the best pain relief and be most convenient for you.

    Where is the skin barrier?

    Some cold machines require a skin barrier to protect against frostbite. We anticipated this and built the barrier into our wrap- it is specifically designed to provide the best pain relief levels without endangering the skin. Even though there is a built-in barrier, DO NOT put it directly on your skin. You still need to have a barrier for your protection. 

    Is it running?

    We designed this to be extremely quiet. It also may take several pumping cycles to feel the full effect at low compression. If you are worried it's not working- put your hand on the machine and count 30. You should feel it vibrate intermittently, which means it is pumping. Always make sure there is enough water in the reservoir as well. If you feel no vibration and the screen won't light, call us: (704) 336-9374

    How do I clean the unit properly?

    Gently wipe the external surfaces and reservoir interior with Lysol wipes or a similar product. Take care of the hook portion of the wrap, keeping it clear of lint or pet hair for the longest use. If you will be storing unit for more than a week, wipe down, dry with a towel removing as much water as you can. Store flat to avoid pooling in one location of the wrap. 

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Thanks so much for the review! We are really proud of how far this unit has come and how it continues to gain marketshare in the high-end cold therapy market!!!