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Breg Warranty for all Products

Product Warranty

Cold Therapy Units & Pads 6 Months
VPULSE Units & Pads 3 Months
PlasmaFlow Units 30 Days
Hip Bracing Rigid brace frame & soft goods 6 Months
Lower Extremity Walker Boots 6 Months
  Walker Boot Soft Goods 6 Months
  Walker Accessories 6 Months
  Ultra Ankle 1 Year
  Lace Up Ankle, Axiom Ankle, Ultimate Ankle 6 Months
  Ankle Stirrups 3 Months
  Soft Ankle Sleeves 3 Months
  Foot Bracing (PFS, Cast & Post Op Shoes, misc splints, insole, pads) Shoes 6 Months
Pads & Insoles 3 Months
Knee Bracing Post-Op Knee 3 Months
  Custom Rigid Brace Frame & Hinges 5 Years
  Prefabricated Rigid Brace Frame & Hinges (including Freestyle® OA and OA Impulse, OA Fusion Plus) 1 Year
  Ridge brace pads, straps, clips 6 Months
  Soft Knee Sleeves 6 Months
Spine Bracing Breg Pinnacle (Lumbar and Collars) 1 Year
  Breg Ascend (Lumbar and Collars) 1 Year
  Aspen (Lumbar & Collars) 1 Year
  Hope/Bledsoe 1 Year
  Spine Soft Goods/Straps/Clips 6 Months
  Flexible Back Supports 6 Months
  Soft Cervical Collar/Clavicle 6 Months
Upper Extremity Shoulder Supports 3 Months
  Post-Op Elbow Braces (T-Scope, T-Chek) 6 Months
  Aligner PHX 6 Months
  X2K Elbow Brace Frame 1 Year
Soft Goods 6 Months
  Elbow Support (with & w/o hinge) 6 Months
  Wrist Bracing 3 Months
  Splint & Fracture Management 3 Months
Misc. Home Therapy Kits 6 Months
  Crutches, Canes, Walkers Aluminum Frame 1 Year
Hand grips, Rubber tips, Wheels, Underarm pads 3 Months