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DonJoy Knee Brace

Donjoy® Knee Braces

Donjoy® Knee braces help treat a wide variety of knee maladies like osteoarthritis (OA), injuries from playing sports like an ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) tear, or chronic knee condition like patellofemoral tracking issues

DonJoy Knee Bracing

A Donjoy® knee brace can be identified by its hallmarks of quality, performance and protection that it's braces provide while you recover from a knee injury. Whether it be a hinged knee brace like the Playmaker II, or the top of the line Donjoy® FULL STOP knee brace for ACL tears, or the ever popular OA Web Reaction knee brace for osteoarthritis, the quality of a DonJoy brace is unmatched. 

The technology in a DonJoy brace can be seen, but it is much better understood when you actually wear it and feel the difference a high performance can make in your life. Life Beyond Limitations... 

Did You Know Series: A person who has torn their ACL has a 15 times greater risk of suffering a second ACL injury during the initial 12 month period after having their ACL reconstructed, and the risk of an ACL injury to the opposite knee is 2 times greater than that of the reconstructed knee. The re-tear rate was 21% and only 27% of athletes are able to return to the sport at the same level.