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Check out customer reviews for our cold therapy, bracing, traction, and orthotics products. We pride ourselves on great service. Learn more about Our Mission and please reach out with any concerns.
Based on 1494 reviews
Great product!

On-time delivery and great product that is simple to use and effective. Can use frozen water bottles too. Lasts a long time.

Easy to use, Great service

Suffering from a C6 Compression fracture. The device is providing relief and I am sleeping better. Customer service is outstanding. Thank you OrthoBracing

A helpful healer

Great for managing swelling post-surgery.

Arch Rival Orthotics

They seem to be reducing my tendon pain. They do make my feet a little hot after wearing all day. But a small price to pay to finally get some pain relief.

Very Satisfied

Super fast delivery plus the breg cooling system works great for my knee after surgery

These are great, wish I had purchased more in the beginning.

These work well, but don't drop them when they are frozen!!! I ended up buying 4 at at time, but wish I just bought 12 at once! They stand up nicely in the freezer and in the cube.

Wow! This machine is so easy to use!

I used the $$$ Game Therapy machine in my physical therapy for pre-op knee surgery and my physical therapist recommended I give Breg's reasonably priced one a try. I'm totally sold and think it's every bit as good for my needs. It's been so easy to use and just perfect for recovery. Lightweight, easy to move around and store. One gallon sized ziplock of ice keeps the perfect temperature for 8-10 hours. (I prepared these prior to surgery using old-school ice trays for their larger, denser cube size.) It's easy to store because you WILL want to use this again. Oh, and it's so quiet when it's working you can barely hear it.

Love this product

The ice machine sent home from the hospital after my husband’s knee surgery died after a few days. I ordered this knowing he has another knee to go. This machine is easy to use and highly efficient. We couldn’t be happier.

Great Service,

Received a product that did not work as expected, Orthobracng work with me quick and efficiently to resolve.

Great device

This polar wave compression has made a huge difference in my recovery from hip replacement, would definitely recommend to anyone

Power cord order.

Lost my power cord on a unit 5 years old. Contacted your organization via internet and with a chat got the correct cord. bought it and it arrived promptly. Cord is a perfect fit. Great customer service.


Works like a charm🪄


It’s just like having a brand new ice machine!

Love it!

Works great with ice and compression for my recent knee replacement. Not as many settings as the rental from Game Ready, but this can be bought for the price of 2 weeks of rentals. Wish I had known this was an option.

Good value

On time delivery and works as advertised. Competitive price.

Great machine

Works great. Keeps Ice water cold for at least 12 hours. Definitely not as cold as a ice pad. not sure if it needs to be, but the standard ice pads get much colder.

High Quality Product

I'm a football coach who ordered this brace for one of my athletes and we are very happy with the quality and support of the brace. We still have to use it outside of the practice situation but we are confident in our use already that this will give the support and confidence is a game setting.

Fantastic product

I’ve just had total knee replacement surgery and after thorough research decided to buy the Cold therapy system and glad I did..
The product is very easy to use. The ice works really well and has controlled my swelling. I wanted a unit with compression and there are not that many out there, and this one has that option which is really good and I use it all the time. It makes a noise but is not too noisy and doesn’t bother me at all. The ice pack is great, it stays on the knee with the versatile Velcro straps. I read reviews that the Velcro stops sticking after a while but I’ve been using it non stop since 28 July and it’s as good as new. I wouldn’t be without it - definitely worth the investment! Also the customer service was good. I telephoned before I ordered to check if the item was in stock and to get an approximate delivery date so ensure I had it a few days prior to surgery. Some other companies said they had it in stock but didn’t unless you were prepared to pay expedited shipping.

Breg Polar Care Wave with Shoulder Pad

Compression and cold therapy from such a small investment worth every dollar. Has been very helpful for my recovery from major Rotator Cuff surgery. Would advise putting a trash bag in a pillow case as a barrier while you’re protecting the bandages. There is a little water from the plug and shoulder pad. After bandages are removed then straight application to my shoulder with just a shirt as a barrier has been sufficient protection.

Working like a dream

Had my knee replaced today -- fired up the Breg Cooler and am loving it. Just cold enough, no drips, quiet, and easy to use. First rate device.

Useful recovery tool

A friend recommended I get an ice therapy machine for my knee replacement surgeries. I wasn't familiar with them until she mentioned it, and I'm so glad she did. I researched several models but felt the DonJoy Iceman would meet my needs. Before purchasing, I contacted Orthobracing to ask a few questions about the machine and shipping. The representative was patient and helpful.

The Iceman is a valuable tool in recovery. The even cooling experience is much better than trying to deal with ice packs. This unit is compact and easy to use; essential for apartment living and working with multiple caregivers. I'm delighted with my purchase and interaction with the staff at Orthobracing.

Reduces swelling

The Aircast Cryo Cuff IC Cooler with Knee Pad is well-thought-out and easy to use. I purchased 8 Universal Reusable Ice Cubes, and, if the cube sides are flush, 4 slide right into the unit. The Ice Cubes last 10-12 hours. The cold and intermittent compression reduce swelling effectively.

Breg Polar Care Cube
Rodger Brink
Breg Polar Care Cube

I used the first one I had for at least 15 years with out a problem. It finally died so I immediately purchased a new one. This one is just as wonderful and if it gives me another 15 years I will be thrilled a second time!

Had a problem with the original order but Mary Grace in customer care took control and solved it!!! I’d recommend!!!

Breg Polar Care Cube Gasket
Rodley Sinclair
just right

the original gaskets from BREG are troublesome. They tend to peel away, and then the vacuum is lost. This replacement has a different gasket style and works perfectly. Just to make sure it would not stick to the cube, I applied a small amount of vaseline to the rubber. Works fine. Glad that OrthoBracing carries this product, as no one else does.