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Great News! Free Standard Shipping over $188.00 // Closed on Memorial Day

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Check out customer reviews for our cold therapy, bracing, traction, and orthotics products. We pride ourselves on great service. Learn more about Our Mission and please reach out with any concerns.
Based on 2906 reviews
Breg Polar Care Cube
Henry Corbett
Polar Care is the Gold Standard

I have had a Polar Care Cube for many years. I used it for two Rotator Cuff repairs and its use was invaluable. Unfortunately, it was lost in a move about a year, ago. As a Judoka, I have had numerous injuries to my knees and shoulders; and, ice is always my go-to solution. Although, I still store several ice packs in my freezer, some of my injuries and surgeries require icing for a longer period of time than I can expect from ice packs. Also, ice packs may tend to occupy more room in my freezer than I am willing to tolerate. Over the years, I have come to rely on my Polar Care Cube for giving me the kind of immediate relief that I need. Several of my Judo friends also use the Polar Care Cube and we often exchange the different pads to apply to different parts of the body. I do not know of any Polar Care Cube that has failed to provide ultimate support either to me or my friends - no leaks, no failures. I keep several 12 oz soda bottles, filled with water and frozen, in my freezer to use with my Polar Care Cube in lieu of ice. The reservoir will hold three such bottles and then I fill the reservoir with water to the recommended level - it works like a champ!

For my rotator cuff surgeries, I kept the Cube running for over 24 hours. I was alert for any potential freezing injuries, but it never got close to that. The result, I had virtually no inflammatory pain following the surgery. The relief was long-lasting.

I would not waste my money purchasing any other brand of icing machine - there are a lot of bad experiences out there by people who have bought a knock-off.

excellent unit

I ordered a Breg cool cube from Orthobracing and quickly received the unit in a few days, well ahead of my surgery date so I could familiarize myself with how it works. There was a sweet card included with the cool unit along with a little packet of candy wishing me well. Nice touch!

Best Ice machine

After knee replacement, I used this machine and I highly recommend it. Lasting coolness all through the night. Customer Service is excellent !

Knee Brace

The knee brace is great and works as needed. However, what I want to rave about is the customer service. Stacy was awesome to deal with. She went above and beyond to help me get the correct fit and the right brace. I can’t say enough about both her professionalism and kindness! I would recommend this company highly, especially if there are more people like Stacy!

Reusable icecubes

These work great, keeps colder longer. Easy to use, buy eight, four for using and four to rotate. Easier than buying bags of ice.

Product is easy to use and performs as advertised. Wish it had a timer feature. Also just a tad more volume in the bucket. Definitely would recommend for the price and delivery time.

Love the Brace

I have been using this brace for two weeks when my arthritic knee starts feeling sore or pops. This brace has been so helpful in causing relief of the pain. I wear it under dresses and wide pant legs. Recommend this brace.

Top notch customer service!!!

I was three weeks post surgery for a meniscus repair and ACL reconstruction, and my Breg Polar Care Cold Therapy ice machine motor burned out. My fault - never cleaned the filter. I ordered a new one from OrthoBracing without the pad. They actually emailed me and confirmed I indeed did not want the pad. I was worried I would not get it before we left town that weekend, and they went above and beyond to assist me to make sure I got it in time. Tremendous customer service. Extremely responsive to email. It was so refreshing, and I am so grateful to have found them.
Christy Matteuzzi

Breg® Polar Care Cube Pads

Compared to ice packs at the hospital, this a very nice solution. Covers a large area, is quiet and comfortable. Just need a helper to replace the ice packs.

Great for Dad

Customer service was helpful on the phone. Quick shipping. User friendly product. My Dad has been using three times daily after knee surgery and he says it helps a lot with the pain.

Universal Reusable Ice Bag Packs
Marguerite McKinney
Great product

Works really well. Could be a little cheaper.

Plastic Ice Cubes

Hey, I’m sorry but the vinyl cubes have been failing at the seams, upon freezing and thawing multiple times! If the seams don’t fail, it’s a much quicker fix on cold therapy use at any time! The ice method works great, but it’s more time consuming. Thanks


For the price, just thicker ziplock bags. Pretty disappointed.

Real Cold Therapy Comfort

Hey, to everyone who reads a review on a product, this one is the real deal! Just recently had a arthroscopic surgery on my ( L) knee, recommended by my doctor, best investment for anyone to make. The process and recovery of any surgery is always a challenge, the icing stage in the first few days are most critical. The Cold Therapy Aircast helped in my recovery stage from day one, is always a therapy when used.
Everyone, should own one, great for any athlete, or active person!
Kbaymarine 2/3

works great!

These work perfect. Only wish they had a 60% fill mark on them, but I figured it out. Saves a lot of time an money on getting bags of ice. Well worth it!

Best for recovery!!

I bought this item to help with recovery of a total knee replacement. This is a god send as you don’t have to worry about ice all the time…. It keeps the cold constant…

Does the job, but is it good enough for your knee therapy needs?

Initially, this machine provided basic capability of compression and ice therapy, but if you're recovering from sport related injuries then I personally feel there are better competing products on the market at this/similar price points.

In addition, this machine continuously leaked after the first 2 days (even purchased the gimmic ice bags from for this particular machine) and after a weeks use, there is a more prominent leak from the main knee compression insert which constantly annoying to deal with as it makes a puddle on the floor. Please note, this could potentially be due to faulty pipe/manufacturing defect.

Hi Pratik! The original unit that you received had a manufacturer defect and we hope that expediting you a replacement unit met your expectations and aids in the rest of your recovery!


Liked that it kept some area cool- wish it was bigger area

Works great

I would give it a five star rating except the clasp that connects the knee pad to the water line is very cheap plastic and wants to come apart whenever it is unhooked. For the price you would think they would use a heavier plastic. Other than that its been a lifesaver. I have no experience with other machines so i cant compare them. I will only say that i really could not have endured the acl/meniscus surgery recovery without my wave machine.

Breg Polar Care Cube
Marc Mattsson
Exceptional assistance

The product is excellent, yet I wish applaud the representative on April 9, 2024. My replacement surgery was April 11, and she took me through the options to meet the deadline. The ice machine was at my house when I returned home. It’s the most positive online experience I have had, and shame on me for not getting her name.

Very Needed Device for Knee Replacement Recovery

I bought this unit for my wife as she recovers from knee replacement surgery.
It has been a godsend as I’m not sure how we could have done without it.
I’ve used bag ice, 10 pound bags will last almost 2 days. I found that to be the easiest way to fill it.

Love it ❤️

I had knee replacement surgery and having a lot of scar tissue equals a little more pain while rehabilitating. I had rented a machine but found I needed one longer. So happy with my purchase! Also because of my pending second knee replacement surgery. This unit will be wonderful to have. Well worth the money.

great product, disappointed in shipping

The sling is EVERYTHING they say it is, but paying extra for "two day shipping" and not getting it until the third day is NOT what i expected. When i reached out to customer service, they responded immediately and asked for $50 more to ensure the 2 days. Please make your shipping info more clear. If I pay extra on Saturday for two day shipping, i expect the sling on Tuesday and NOT late Wednesday.

Hi Sam, we're sorry to hear that you were disappointed with the shipping but our website clearly states that orders placed after 12:00 EST (noon) on Fridays will be shipped out the following Monday and that 'Next Day Air' and 'Second Day Air' refer to business days only. When we responded to you, we were helping you out by offering Next Day Air shipping, which costs $50 more but would have secured delivery for Tuesday. We're glad to hear that the Ultrasling Pro Shoulder Immobilizer is working well for you and wish you luck with your recovery. Thank you, Customer Care Team


Thank you for rushing the order to get to me in time for my son’s shoulder surgery.