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Check out customer reviews for our cold therapy, bracing, traction, and orthotics products. We pride ourselves on great service. Learn more about Our Mission and please reach out with any concerns.
Based on 1592 reviews
Not yet

My hip replacement not scheduled til 6/13 so I have not had to use the pad yet.


I purchased the aircast shoulder cuff. I used it faithfully and I truly believe it helped me with pain reduction. Be aware of the correct size because the cuff wanted to compete with the sling that I was fitted to at the hospital.

I was very disappointed when empty "ziplock" bags arrived. Oddly I was expecting gel packs of some kind. You charge a lot for this plastic bag product. I will return them to you to dupe someone else.

Best Ice machine

I bought a different ice machine after I had my TKR and that other machine was not good at all. A friend of my let me borrow her Breg Polar Care Kodiak and I loved it so much that I had to buy one for myself. This is so easy to use and the price was reasonable. I have terrible swelling after my knee replacement and this ice machine has helped me out so much. Also, I do want to add that Ortho bracing has the best customer service.

This is the greatest

This is the greatest thing. I just had a hip replacement and I already had this ice box and pad for a previous shoulder surgery. The old pad was leaking (had it for 20 years) so I went to the website of the ice box and ordered a new pad. It works great.

Breg Polar Care Kodiak
William Lincoln
My 2nd Best Friend

I bought the Breg Polar Care Kodiak just a few days prior to hip replacement surgery. I had learned that this type of cold therapy was preferable to the "20 on-20 off" of ice packs or frozen peas, then I read reviews of the unit in comparison to others. The reviews of quiet, easy to use, easily portable, and available with pads for specific joints sold me, as well as the relatively reasonable price. Now, I am 8 days out of surgery, and every day I count my blessings for first, my patient and loving wife, then the Kodiak. Literally, this machine has made every moment more comfortable, whether enjoying its comfort or the benefits after taking it off. I have no experience with other products of this type, but I can't imagine one any better than the Kodiak.

Breg Polar Care Cube
Robin Cronk
Ice, ice baby

This little cube worked perfectly after total knee replacement. Stays cold for hours!

Great for knee replacement

My mother in law had her right knee replaced. The cold. and compression has been such a big help to her recovering her range of motion.

Great for me

The Breg Polar Cube has been fantastic for me. I had my shoulder replaced and the device works great! It's simple to use and really helped with pain control/swelling.

love my machine, had hip replacement and its my best friend. It really is a necessity. It is easy to use , once in a while I have trouble plugging the pad into the machine. I suggest everyone get one and the Polar Ice cube is great!! It is so much easier and the pad fits great and it makes my leg feel better!! I would never want to deal with ice packs.

Post Rotator Cuff surgery

This product was recommended to us from someone that had rotator cuff surgery and did not want to take prescribed pain medication. Upon their advice I ordered this machine for my husband and it has been a Godsend. We started on this within 4 hours of surgery and he has not taken any prescribed pain medication, only Genexa acetaminophen.

Fantastic machine and company

I ordered the machine for my wife's knee replacement. It is quiet and easy to use and works perfectly. Much easier than managing ice packs.

Also the order form asked when her surgery was and I said 4 days. The machine was here in 2 days. Such great service. This is an outfit I wish I had more need for. The service is above and beyond.


Bought this product for my mom because she had shoulder replacement surgery. She did not end up needing any of her very strong, prescribed pain pills, and I think it was because of this Breg machine. It has been invaluable to her recovery, and I know both her and my dad will continue to use it for various joint pains!
Well worth the price.
Thank you!

Breg Polar Care Kodiak w/ Knee
Carmella Fragassi

I will let you know once I have had my surgery

DonJoy Playmaker II Wraparound Knee Brace

Was given the sleeve version of the DonJoy Knee Brace by my orthopedic doctor. It is a very nice brace but very inconvenient because you must remove your shoes and pants when you want to remove it. Ordered the wraparound version and it serves the same purpose medically only much more convenient. You can wear shoes, pants, shorts, etc. and all you have to do is undo the Velcro to remove it. Wear it daily, wear it to physical therapy,
Easy to remove and put back on. Great purchase, I highly recommend it.

Breg Polar Care Cube
Polar cube works well.

The cube works well! Bought with the large knee attachment . For a 135 lb female the regular size would be better. The elastic stretch ban was x largerer than optinal, On the large.

Works good

Bought this for spouse who was to undergo TKA. Ortho recommended renting a machine that cost $7k, got this instead and it is meeting the need now post op + 4 days.

Beneficial to Faster Recovery

A superb device which has provided dramatic benefits to my surgery recovery. An easy-to-use device providing both compression and cooling that helps control swelling and speeds the recovery timeline.

As expected.

Fake News

I wrote a review on the BREG box and it was removed. Guess I didn’t comply with the sensitivity rules.

Looks like the system blocked your previous review because your name and email are not on file at our store because you did not buy an item from

From your previous review, you said the hospital gave you the product. It would be best to contact the hospital and let them know of your review of the product and ask them to make the engineering changes you suggested. We hope your recovery goes well and your get back on the path to healing.

Bought Replacement for Breg Polar Cube Velcro Strap - Universal Cold Therapy Velcro Straps (2 Pack)

Overall, I am pleased with the thick elastic fabric of these straps. I believe they will be durable. However, I was surprised to find the velcro was only present on one end of the strap, unlike the original Breg Polar Cube straps which have velcro to anchor the strap at both ends. This was a big disappointment; I had to have velcro added to both straps at extra expense. The item description for these straps should be edited to mention that the velcro is only on one end, in case this is important to a particular customer's use.

Cool little contraption!

Bought this for my husband for his recovery from a rod removed from his tibia and his knee replacement which will happen in the next couple of months. We have used frozen water bottles instead of ice which has been beneficial to me! Not refilling all the time!!! The hose connections are great! We bought a short cycle timer to plug it into so we didn't have to plug/unplug it all the time.

Highly Recommended

After total knee replacement it was time to invest in an ice machine. At this price point, I think it will be tough to find something much better than the Aircast with both ice water wrap AND compression (two big keys in recovery). Pros: 1) Very light and portable, 2) Very quiet, and 3) Man does it keep your knee cold. Cons: 1) Total area of coverage with the standard knee wrap is smaller than I hoped, and 2) Connecting hose needs about another foot of length. Overall quality seems to be solid but as my first ice machine don't really have a comparison. I'd buy it again.

Replacement strap

The strap is way too long, such a waste. Would not recomment.