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Check out customer reviews for our cold therapy, bracing, traction, and orthotics products. We pride ourselves on great service. Learn more about Our Mission and please reach out with any concerns.
Based on 1456 reviews
Breg Polar Care Cube
David Stritz

It is a nice, quiet machine. At this point I have not had any problems with the machine, except an obvious one that I overlooked when purchasing. The pump is in the lid and protrudes down into the bucket where the ice and water go. This makes it a little more difficult to use frozen water bottles like you can with other machines, if you have access to massive amounts of ice this won't be a problem. That is the only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5.


The iceman machine was recommended to me by numerous people prior to my knee replacement. Since my replacement I have been using it continuously and found it extremely beneficial. I would highly recommend it to anyone having a replacement done

help with knee replacement recovery

I've been using the Wave Cold therapy machine and have found it very useful and easy to use. My ankle is also messed up and I'm going to check on getting a ankle piece.

Excellent Brace

I ordered the brace for my granddaughter by recommendation of her physical therapist. She has Patellar Tracking Disorder. I must say she could tell a major difference in her knee after the first time wearing it.
I would highly recommend this brace.


cubes are okay save on ice but one cracked and they are too large for iceman but do work.

knee replacement

excellent for post op knee replacement

Incorrect sizing

We measured both knees and then continued to get the next size up and they were both still too small.

Hip Pad

First time user of cold therapy. I found this product easy to use. The coldness lasted for several hours the shortest was 8 hours for me, but I noticed that I had not filled it all the way to the line. The pad fit very well and was comfortable. Would have liked an on and off button/switch.

They are great but only one at a time fits into the Beth Polar Care Wave. With that said they allow for cold water for a long period of time.

Love it! Wish I had known about it sooner!

I use something similar at physical therapy. This is the perfect home version. Wish I had it day 1 after I broke my ankle. It’s awesome.

Excellent customer service

Even though the brace I ordered was not right for me my return was easy. Customer service reps were helpful.

Hip pad

The pad is so large that the machine has a difficult time keeping it all cold. Of course it could be due to the age of the machine. I used this with knee pad and it worked great.

DonJoy Sully Shoulder Brace
Frederick Boguth
Still Not Here

I would recommend waiting until your product is delivered before requesting feedback on how much I like it. UPS tracker states a label has been made, after 12 days maybe more than a label would be nice. Granted, I didn't pay for expedited shipping but still.
Slow shipping. I guess the week long shipping with overnight paid would've been a better option.

Thanks for the review. Looks like UPS lost your package. We will ship another one to you today (4/28) via FedEx. Thanks for letting us know that the order did not make it to you.

Happy feet for hubby

Husband has peripheral neuropathy and has to wear toe spacers. The inserts seem to work as intended, does not complain of foot pain any longer. Can't believe we were so lucky; it was easy though pricey.

Seem to run big, very bulky in shoes

These are very well made. However I’m a little concerned about Don-Joy’s sizing. I ordered and received a size B. I wear a women’s 8, and only have a mildly tall arch. These were recommended by my orthopedic surgeon.

These inserts are long, which is great for being able to trim them. HOWEVER, The positioning of where the foot needs to sit is also a bit long, and my being at the ‘max’ recommended shoe size for the size I ordered, the placement should NOT be too long.

Consider sizing down if you’re near the edge of a size, or make sure you’re able to return them and do NOT trim them until you stand on them.

These sit very bulky and wide in a shoe. They are straining to stretch out the width of my hiking shoes at the moment.
I wonder if they use the same base for both standard and wide feet.

This is the Absolute Best!

This replaces the same brace that I have been pleased with.

Great Help!

Had knee replacement. This cooler really helped with the pain!! Don't think I could have stood it without this Cold Therapy!!! I highly recommend it!!

Perfect equipment

I have had chronic neck issues. Pinched nerve I receive therapy once a month. This is great for in between.

Vital to Recovery and Pain Management

Love this machine! Arrived within a week. Easy to use. We have been using frozen water bottles to keep the water cold, but there are many options. I can honestly say I don't know how I would have made it through my knee replacement surgery without it, especially because I just can't use the stronger drugs. I am two weeks out and only using an OTC pain killer and the Breg. My husband had access to a Game Ready for his knee replacement surgery which was great, but for the difference in price this is SO WORTH IT!

Thank you for my cord now I can use my Polar cube.

Great! Just what I needed

This is great, it's just what I needed! The replacement pad was compatible with my polar cube and helped immensely.

Best knee brace

Great product. My son won’t wear any other knee brace.

Kodiak Cooler

Bought this for my husband who just had a hip replacement. It works really well and the hip pad attachment is perfect. Borrowed one similar to this from a friend when I had shoulder surgery and the Kodiak is far better.


I have tried to purchase this item and it is not accepting credit card. Said to refresh and still nothing. Tried calling the number and receive a message that stated to email and emails were monitored 24 for hours a day. No email back as of this writing! How can you have a product for sale and can't use a credit card to purchase it?

Website is working fine and numerous order have been made between your email at 544PM EST and your post 16 minutes later.