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Tried it once, felt great. I'm getting knee surgery on the 20th of October. Looking forward to using it full time...

Excellent product - very effective after rotator cuff repair

I decided to purchase this Berg cold water circulation/compression pump after reviewing several others on the web and at Amazon. I had major rotator cuff repair on my dominant arm this past Wednesday, and I started using he Berg right away. The machine keeps the surgical area cool - you can control how cool via settings - and it does so for a significant period of time. The shoulder compression fits well, and it stays in place even without using the Velcro braces. During the first 36 hours after my surgery the Berg was extremely effective at keeping the swelling down and making life relatively comfortable considering the pain I would ha e had otherwise. The unit is very easy to set up and to operate. The unit was delivered early and was in perfect operating condition. I highly recommend this purchase should you be looking for such a device to help you with shoulder post operative recovery.

Great rehab tool at home

Great propduct which can be used on other body parts as well

My daughter wears it when dancing.

My daughter is a dancer and the muscles in her legs developed unevenly. This put a lot of pressure on her knee causing pain, swelling, and fluid. This helps to alleviate symptoms most of the time. She is on her third brace and it has helped tremendously.

Great product

Great support on ankles and feet.

Greatest ice pack

This ice pump is the best ice pack for all kinds of things. I borrowed a friend's for 3 different surgeries but decided I needed my own for the next couple of surgeries and any injury that needs to be iced. Love this pump!

Replacement knee pad

Great experience. Arrived as promised.


Need to return

How do i return it?


Exactly what we needed. Great service, delivery time and quality.


Exactly what we needed! Great service and delivery time. Quality is super, too.


This brace has helped me make it through the day for the last few days, love it!

It's so so

Wave with foot/ankle brace. The brace is cheaply made and the compression is ok..not great because it's not enough compression and only for a few seconds. The tank is small

Best purchase

My insurance company would not approve the machine after my son had surgery on his broken leg. I found orthobracing and purchased the machine myself. This wonderful little device has made my son's recovery so much easier. My son needed this machine and you guys delivered. I have to admit the shipping took a little longer than I expected but I ordered on a Thursday and without express shipping it took until the following Friday to get the machine. Your online assistant was great and gave me the code for $10 off right away. This has been the best purchase for my son. Thank you.

I have had 3 other braces and went back to this one because it works best

Bad return policy

The braces sizes seem small
Tried to return
Wouldn’t allow it do to it being a sale item
Terrible return policy make sure you make the right decision before purchase or you may be stuck with something that you cannot use never again and no recommendations

Still breaking them in.

Trying to return purchased Sept. 7 , 2021

Excellet Product and Service!

I was able to use the Breg cube for a second time. I appreciate the product. The one time I had a question for customer service they were very helpful. Thanks!

Don't get any replacement without Purchasing this item 1st . Only 2nd best to game day which is about $3000. Only thing that could be better is if it had time or. But this item is worth every penny every penny. Great products.


Highly recommend this product, as someone who has been through multiple knee surgeries and about to head into a another this is a must buy. If your not sure wether you should just get it or not don’t wait get it! I waited because I wasn’t sure and now that I have it I am super thankful. 10/10 if you ask me.

does the job

an improvement over the basic ice machine because it has compression. best part was being able to speak to a helpful human being on the phone when I had questions.

Good decision

Such a good purchase decision. Very happy as it has helped the recovery process tremendously!

It works Great

It sleek, mobile, and it works very well. It has help shorten my son’s recovery time

Had a hip replacement yesterday and ordered a Breg hip pad for the Breg ice machine he lent me. Excellent product !! I will be buying other equipment in the future from Breg.