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Check out customer reviews for our cold therapy, bracing, traction, and orthotics products. We pride ourselves on great service. Learn more about Our Mission and please reach out with any concerns.
Based on 1691 reviews
Leaked from the connection-

We decided to test it before surgery and it leaked at the connector. But you could see it inflated and was still getting cold.

Excellent quality

I purchased this brace for my daughter as she recovered from a shoulder injury. Our PT highly recommended it and we bought it. This has been the best investment so far. She feels protected when she wears it and I have not heard any complaints. Thank you for selling this product. It is the best!!

Hip pad

Having a problem with the pad for my hip. It leaks so much they it gets my bandage wet. I submitted a warranty claim.

Worth every penny

Had rotator cuff surgery and my insurance wouldn’t supply an ice machine so I bought this one. In the future also looking at a double knee replacement and am sure it will be a huge help.

The best shoulder icing rig

Hands down the most effective way to ice your shoulder.

It Works!!

I am using right now after my shoulder surgery. Very good for discomfort management. Make sure you have someone (special) to help with the on/off portion.

Works pretty well.

The bags make it easy to freeze and refreeze ice so I always have some ready for my cold therapy unit. They work pretty well although they do not allow the machine to get as cold as a load of plain cubes. Bags seem heavy duty and should be quite durable.

Good effort but could be better.

Just got this and have been working with it over the weekend. Few thoughts

1..Wish the compression and cooling was stronger.
2. Wish the cycle was faster.
3 no point in ordering the artificial ice cubes. Stick to ice or the ice bags.
4. You cannot load up the cooler with more than 4 artificial cubes.
5. No need for a MD prescription. That is hype. This device is harmless.

Bottom line: pump and device needs to be stronger to be effective.

Perfect fit for the polar care Kodiak, and the cord is longer than the one we replaced. It also arrived two days early.

Wave cold compression machine

The wave cold/compression machine is very good. We rented another machine for 2 weeks that was good as it had more bells and whistles but it was expensive. We bought the wave compression/cold machine It has done a wonderful job as my wife has recovered from her total knee surgery. The only thing I would recommend is some way to time it on and off so a patient could use it thru the night without having to do it manually. It is quiet, does a great job and is a good value. We have been very pleased with this machine.

best of best

this device made my post surgery go smooth as silk.... highly recommend to anyone

Reusable Ice Bags

The reusable ice bags are a great accessory. No need to keep loading the machine with ice cubes. I bought 8 bags so I’ll always ice ready to pop in my Breg Polar Care Kodiak.

Breg Polar Care Kodiak

Really liking the Kodiak. It’s very quiet, delivers cooled water so fast, easy to maintain.

Not as expected

I had high hopes after using a cut up t-shirt between skin and pad so I was very excited when I found this and then very disappointed after the first use. It is larger than pad so I expected a little better fit when attaching to pad . I tried using a couple of times and I am not sure what caused the problem but dressing would not let enough cold get to the knee. I let ice and water set for about 10 min to see if that helped by getting thing colder but no luck. I could hold my hand to the pad and it was a little cool but not cold. I know it is not the machine or pad because with t-shirt works perfect. So a day after receiving removed from pad and threw in the trash. Don't waste your money on this. Cut up a t-shirt to fit and use it.

fast efficient service

received quickly

life saving device

I am not the patient but the caregiver and I can see the relief on my friend's face when that machine starts percolating! As she says it is a God send and I agree, it is well worth the investment. It was highly recommended and it certainly lives up to its hoopla! Yeah for ice machines!

Breg Polar Care Cube
Dominique Journet
Helped with Pain Management

This ice machine helped a lot with pain management after surgery and is easy to use.

It is very long but the velcro doesn’t let go like the short ones do. I am very pleased with the replacement. I wish that you put the long ones with the pad when you buy the pads.

Knee Cryo Cuff

It appears to be working well for the athlete who is using it. It was easy to set up and use as well.


the fact that the dressing conforms to the shape of the shoulder pad and adheres to it, makes using the Berg Polar Care system very easy.

Positive Results after Knee Surgery

This was knee surgery number seven for me and I have used a number of cold water circulation systems to minimize swelling and associated pain. I especially liked the large capacity water reservoir and this enabled me to go most of the day with one ice refill. I am very happy with the equipment and will use it again as needed. I cannot recommend a better system to reduce post surgical swelling and pain.

I was very disappointed with this device, I attempted to return it but my request was denied. I had previously borrowed the Saunders Cervical Traction Device from a friend and found it very beneficial. It fit comfortably. The movement on the tract was very smooth and easy to adjust, and it provided an excellent stretch to my cervical spine. Your device does not fit my neck comfortably and the manual dial produces a rickety movement, and most disappointing; an inadequate stretch to my cervical spine. I really regret purchasing it. I should have spent the extra $150 and bought the Saunders unit, but I guess you get what you pay for.

Didn't realize how helpful this was going to be for my family. It's fabulous & easy to use. Totally worth the investment.


Very nice machine my wife just had a knee replacement and it's working just fine, best thing she could ask for she loves it, Thanks

Perfect Replacement

Exactly what I needed to replace the old(13yrs) motor that wouldnt circulate water anymore. Fit and works just like the original !!!