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Like having a bionic knee

I am a pretty active person...at least I was before I was diagnosed with arthritis under my knee cap. The brace has made a huge difference so far. For the past six months, I've been in a ton of pain on the soccer field. I've now been to 2 games with this brace on and no pain. Next up is hiking - downhills have been horrible and I expect this brace will get me through them.

One note / warning: Make sure the sleeve is on good (ie, high enough). As others have probably mentioned, the velcro isn't the greatest....My first soccer game, the sleeve was on but not pulled all the way up. By halftime, I noticed some pain on my upper thigh and readjusted. After the game, I noticed my thigh was all scratched up (pretty deep too). The next time I made sure to pull it up and no issues.

Works Great!

We bought this on recommendation from our son who had borrowed one from a friend. My husband had knee replacement surgery and it was difficult keeping the knee properly iced. Once we received the Iceman, it was much simpler. Just fill with ice and water as directed, hook up the pad, and turn it on; simple as that. He says it is much colder and can really feel the difference in a positive way. The Iceman seems to be much more effective in transferring the cold than the ice packs and gel packs we were using. The swelling seems to be going down quicker now. Glad we listened to our son, who is a (wildland and structural) fireman and tends to damage joints or muscles from time to time. Now my husband also has it for his next knee replacement.

Completely satisfied.

I have purchased several pads to go with my polar wave and feel ready for any body discomfort that comes my way. Love the wave.

Absolutely needed

This is an item that is absolutely needed when icing your body part. You never get any ice burns at all

Satisfied Customer

The Breg Cold Compression was more than effective in delivering cold compression to support my wife's healing from total knee replacement surgery. It was able to give easily 8 to 10 hours of iced compression that help reduce swelling and pain before needing to be refilled with ice to continue the healing therapy provided. Excellent product and effective as advertised.

Works perfectly.

Best Customer Service!!!

Any company can sell me a product but OrthoBracing went waaay beyond my expectations! I ordered two different Donjoy Iceman cold pads but only one was in stock. They sent one first, since I was having surgery, and would send the other when available. Problem was, it wasn’t available for a long time. OrthoBracing offered several solutions and stayed with me every step of the way to make sure I was informed, happy and medically comfortable. No other company has tracked so well with me!

Oh yes, the Donjoy Iceman shoulder cold wrap and spine wrap with large rectangle cold pad work perfectly with the Donjoy Iceman Clear3.

The shoulder pad helps with pain and swelling. You do need someone to strap uou in but i was able to disconnect on my own. I did not have ant issues with leaks.

Shoulder brace

Excellent working well

Wish the connection had a cover

The connection needs a cover, because it rubs your shin, one more pain post surgery

Worked despite ripping

Unfortunately mine ripped not 3 minutes out of the box. One of the little adjustment tabs ripped right off the 1st time I put it on and adjusted it. But, it turns out if your leg is the right size you don’t even need the adjustment tabs. So I took them off and the remaining brace fits great. I just happened to have the right size leg - so long as the neoprene doesn’t stretch with use I should be fine.

Saunders Cervical Traction Unit.

Absolutely the greatest for back and neck pain relief.

Excellent fit

Great brace - snug fit and seems to be providing more support than the braces brought previously. We haven’t been using it but for a few days and have a great deal of hope this is finally going to help!

I like the knee pad but looking for a pad that cools from the knee all the way down the bottom half of the leg. Do you sell one?

not happy

I contacted the company and they do not get back to me at all


We looked through all of our e-mails and we did not see a communication from you. If there is something we can address, please email us at cs@orthobracing.com; we would be happy to help you with your question/concern.

The best!!!!

I got an ice machine from Kaiser after my shoulder surgery but I had ordered this one before and WHAT A DIFFERENCE! It is amazing! I have to remember to take it off because it feels so good - it covers my whole shoulder area and can fit snuggly so the cold is evenly dispersed. This has been more helpful than the medicine.

Breg® Polar Care Cube
Donald O’Neill
An absolute necessity.

Icing is an absolute necessity following knee surgery and Breg’s Polar Care Cube provides a perfect solution. I’m confident it accelerated my recovery by weeks. I’m a big fan.

Breg Cube

Works great for me, even using ice packs & cold water as well as ice cubes.
I have the multipurpose pad & will be ordering one for the ankle where I can use it the most....

Knee Pad

I am very thankful to the support staff at Ortho Bracing. They helped me obtain the correct pad to fit my cube. As of today, I have not used the pad. My surgery is in a few days.

My wife had knee replacement done. Keeping her knee iced was must. Product works very well. Just fill with ice and water and you’re good to go. Much better than having to use ice packs and constantly having to change them. Would definitely recommend this product.

Pad for Polar dressing

Ridiculous plastic item for 31.00. Way over priced. Could have easily used a large plastic bag---waste of money!!!!!!

This is the only way to ice

I had a TKR in May and need icing and elevation for 15 minutes 2x per hour. Using frozen water bottles was the secret to keeping it freezing cold for more than half a day at at a time. This is the best continuous ice machine I’ve experienced. It’s worth the money!

Hip replacement pad

The hip replacement pad is easy to use, but I feel with the hip it should have been a little larger.

Breg Wave Ice Bottle
Susan Clancy
Doesn’t fit Breg Polar Care Wave

Website is not helpful in determining what these ice containers fit! I have a Breg Polar Care Wave with Ice and Compression. These containers do not fit. I’ll keep them for picnics and other ice chests, but it’s truly unfortunate website doesn’t provide more help in what this fits!

Great customer service!

The first brace I recieved was defective, could not hold air. I called and quickly was advised a replacement would be sent. Let the same day arrived three working days later.