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Check out customer reviews for our cold therapy, bracing, traction, and orthotics products. We pride ourselves on great service. Learn more about Our Mission and please reach out with any concerns.
Based on 1538 reviews

Worth every penny! My recovery from THR was accelerated and made some much easier with this machine. DO add the reusable ice cubes or bags. Do not think twice about getting this product!

Best investment

I got this unit for my shoulder surgery. The cold therapy allowed me to be pain free without narcotic pain relievers. I only had to take them for 3 days. The rest was this unit. It was a major contributor to my successful recovery. I use it today for other pain and it continues to provide quality relief.

Breg Polar Care Cube
Lisa R Lakes
Not worth the money

It was my fault I did not open this up until it was time to use it a few weeks ago. One of the plastic washers was bent on the tubes that insert into the knee pad. My husband was able to attach it and thankfully there were no leaks, so I figured it wasn't worth contacting the company about. Now, after only using it once a day for 2 weeks, the knee pad has a pinhole leak in it. Water shoots out of it while using. We are going to try and fix it with a vinyl patch. I'm not sure if it's a manufacturer defect, but it should have lasted longer than 2 weeks with light use. I made sure to detach everything and dry it out between uses, as per instructions. So I am going to stick with my flexible cold packs. I wish I wouldn't have wasted $200.00.

Thank you for your order. Sorry to hear that you have a pin-hole leak. This would definitely be a warranty issue and we would be happy to file a warranty claim for you. Please click this link (, fill out the info and confirm the warranty ship to address. We will take it from there. Replacement should arrive within one business day.

We hope your recovery gets back on track!

Breg Polar Care Kodiak
David Cronin
Perfect for Recovering from TKA

This device has been the most important tool in my recovery from knee replacement surgery. At 10 days post surgery, I still use it ~7 times a day. It is easy to setup and use and the ice lasts a long time. If I fill new ice and water early in the morning, I can use the device about four times throughout the daytime before I must refill with new ice/water. The team at OrthoBracing has been excellent with fast shipping and quickly answering some questions I had about power supplies and other details. I recommend this for anyone who will have a knee replacement.

Knee & Sanity Saver

Wow, I thought, 'How hard can ice packs be"? Well, this along with Breg Polar unit is the very best thing since sliced bread. I could not handle NSAID's and this unit was absolutely essential in pain and inflammation control. Can't recommend it highly enough! It is awesome! Worth every single cent and then some. Customer service was equally as good and wonderful!

Breg Polar Care Kodiak System

This helped me through my surgery! Excellent, worth the money.


I will admit that I was very skeptical of this at first but I thought What the heck, I could always send it back. We gave it a try on Day 1 on my Wife's TKR. Her Physical Therapist told her that the ideal was for her to be able to bend her knee to 90° by week 4 depending upon the swelling. We have used both the Ice and compression features on her knee for 1 hour on and 2 hours off every day without fail.
Today is Day 11 and her knee bends to 90°!! Her Physical Therapist is amazed. To say the Berg Cold Wave is a game changer would be a severe UNDERSTATEMENT!!!

Good Product and service.

I purchased a Polar Care Wave setup several months back. It's easy to use and works well too. I bought the main unit, a knee pad and a shoulder pad. I was pleased to see how effective it was. There was a tiny leak on the connector hose on the kneepad that started the first time I fired it up. The kneepad was replaced under warranty, and it was an easy process. Please note that even though there was a leak in the first kneepad, it still worked fine on my knee.


These compression socks are useless. During thirty minute walk on treadmill needed to pull up multiple times. Very much regret this purchase.

Thank you for your review and we are sorry the product did not work for you. The knee sleeves are intended to be word underneath another brace and prevents chaffing. These knee sleeves are not meant to be worn by themselves.

I really appreciated the two day shipping on the VPULSE shoulder pad. I was having a shoulder replacement in three days and tried my VPULSE with the shoulder pad. My shoulder pad had an unfixable leak. I was sure thankful I could order a new one from you. The service was great.

Breg Polar Care Cube
Peter Shankel
This is a Difference Maker

I recently had TSA (Total Shoulder Replacement in layman terms). This ice machine is a difference maker when it comes to improving recovering time, reducing and managing pain and post operative swelling. It's quite amazing really. It easily stays cold for 6-8 hours, using it for 20 minute sessions, once hourly. My only regret was not spending a bit more to get the version with more switch functionality, thermostats and pressure management. Nonetheless, that ability to apply consistent cold pressure for 10-14 days after surgery has helped me manage down my used of pain meds and has sped up my overall recovery! Pretty amazing!

Breg Polar Care Cube
Frances MacGregor
Ice Ice Baby

I love my Polar Cube!!! Every hour after I walk & do my post-op knee exercises I chill, literally, for 20 minutes. So much easier than ice packs. However, at night in my bedroom I use your giant gel packs given to me at the hospital. They are awesome too and I can lay them on the bed to use if I wake up at night.

One thing I wish for is for directions on how to regulate the temperature… sometimes it’s too cold. I add a blanket for thicker barrier but there must be a better solution😉

Great Fit!

This is the best fitting shoulder brace I've used. The pressure and snugness can be increased or decreased depending on your discomfort level. The Best One I've ever used. Ohh! I've used 3-5 of them.

Outstanding pain management

Following numerous recommendations to purchase an ice machine to aid recovery from total knee replacement surgery, I settled on this one after lots of online research. Having used over the last few days since my surgery, I cannot recommend highly enough. Easy to use. Combo of ice and compression are very effective to reduce swelling and control pain. Recommend buying the reusable ice bags. They’re easy to use and ensure you maintain a supply of ice - you will need lots and cubed ice from your freezer can run out quickly. Excellent purchase!

Not cold enough

The unit does not get cold enough to adequately ice the knee.

Excellent machine

Helped tremendously after knee replacement surgery two weeks ago. Delivery was prompt also!

Great product & even better customer service!

Ordered this several months ago but hadn’t had an opportunity to use it. When doing so, I discovered that I’d been sent the wrong pad. I contacted Customer Service and they couldn’t have been more helpful!

A Must Have Post Surgery

After my Tendon repair on my knee I went to the physical therapist and he put a cold compression pack on my knee. It felt great so I started looking for something that I could use at home. I ran across the Breg Polar Care Wave Cold Compression System. I ordered the system online through the Breg Website. I have been using the system for about two weeks now. At night I will fill the cooler/pump up with water and ice and the system will stay cold most of the night. This has been huge in my recovery. I would recommend this Cold Compression System to anyone that has surgery and is dealing with swelling and a long recovery. 


This worked out perfectly. It stayed cold for over 12 hours and helped keep the swelling down.

Big help after surgery

I had knee replacement surgery two weeks ago, and this ice machine (Breg Polar Care) has helped tremendously. My husband gets it filled with ice and water in the morning and it lasts me all day. I have especially liked the compression feature. I would highly recommend it to anyone who might have need of an ice machine in the near future. I'm really glad I bought it!

Love it

I already had the Bregg Ice machine for my daughter's knee. The ankle brace was exactly what my son needed for a sprained ankle. He was back and ready to play within a day!

Perfect for your "Big Boy" athletes

It took me forever to find quality knee braces for my son. Customer service is great!

Must Have for Knee Surgery

The Polar Care played a huge role in my recovery from total knee replacement. Preoperative classes had warned us that the swelling would hit on postop day three. My swelling was minimal, and the physical therapists have been amazed that my recovery is weeks ahead of others undergoing the same surgery. Very glad I made the decision to purchase the device!

Almost perfect!

The Polar Care was a game changer to have after my shoulder surgery. It allowed me to keep ice on my shoulder, intermittently without leeky ice bags, or having to constantly put some thing in the freezer. My only wish was that the connection to the shoulder brace was a little bit longer so I could unhook myself when I needed to get up. Other than that it was great and I wish I’d had it for my first shoulder surgery.

From hospital to home

This was such a great help in the hospital/rehab after bilateral knee replacement that we ordered a second one for home. We continue to use it on the knees, but also on shoulders and other areas that we used to put ice packs on.