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DonJoy Arch Rival Orthotic Insert - Pair

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DonJoy Arch Rival Orthotic Inserts

The DonJoy Arch Rival Orthotic alleviates pressure and minimizes pain from subtle cavus foot. The DonJoy Arch Rival orthotic is designed to treat subtle cavus foot by promoting natural foot function which includes improving stability, adding shock absorption, and helping to alleviate pain. 

What is a cavus foot?

Cavus foot isa condition in which the foot has an arch that is much higher than normal. As a result of this high arch, a large amount of weight is placed on the ball and heel of the foot when children walk or stand. Their feet become sore at the top and middle and they have trouble finding shoes that fit properly.

Recommended for: Subtle Cavus foot and/ or high races 

DonJoy Arch Rival Orthotic Inserts

The Arch Rival orthotic is soft, comfortable and shock absorbent.The recessed area under the 1st metatarsal head accommodates the plantar-flexed 1st ray and allows hindfoot eversion. The elevated heel works to cushion the heel and accommodate for tight calf musculature. Each pair is manufactured with X-Static Technology, which is proven to prevent blisters and odors. Available in seven (7) trimmable sizes that fit in most types of athletic and comfortable walking shoes.

Features and Benefits

  1. Crafted with X-Static - The Silver Fiber
  2. Elevated Heel Cushions and accommodates excessive heel strike force and tight calf musculature.
  3. The recessed area under 1st metatarsal Accommodates the plantar-flexed 1st ray and allows hindfoot eversion.

Sizing Chart

A W 4.5 - 6
B W 6.5-8 / M 6.5-7
C W 8.5-10 / M 7.5-9
D W 10.5-12 / M 9.5-11
E W 12.5-14 / M 11.5-13
F W 14.5-16 / M 13.5-15
G M 15.5-17

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Grace Darling
Happy feet for hubby

Husband has peripheral neuropathy and has to wear toe spacers. The inserts seem to work as intended, does not complain of foot pain any longer. Can't believe we were so lucky; it was easy though pricey.

Seem to run big, very bulky in shoes

These are very well made. However I’m a little concerned about Don-Joy’s sizing. I ordered and received a size B. I wear a women’s 8, and only have a mildly tall arch. These were recommended by my orthopedic surgeon.

These inserts are long, which is great for being able to trim them. HOWEVER, The positioning of where the foot needs to sit is also a bit long, and my being at the ‘max’ recommended shoe size for the size I ordered, the placement should NOT be too long.

Consider sizing down if you’re near the edge of a size, or make sure you’re able to return them and do NOT trim them until you stand on them.

These sit very bulky and wide in a shoe. They are straining to stretch out the width of my hiking shoes at the moment.
I wonder if they use the same base for both standard and wide feet.


after ankle surgery needed to help with ankle support. wonderful

Larry Burke

Have been wearing for 3-4 weeks now! Improving every day! Has been gradual but pain has definitely decreased. Tried other insoles didn't last a day or two!! Definitely a Keeper!! Larry......

Mark Bernstein
Does the job

Recommended by physical therapist
After one day notice the pain is improving