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DonJoy IceMan Replacement Wrap-On Pads

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DonJoy Iceman Sterile Dressing Accessories
Universal Reusable Ice Bag Packs

The DonJoy® IceMan Clear3  provides a cold therapy advantage with controlled delivery which helps patients easily manage post-operative pain and swelling. Whether it is for your knee, shoulder, hip, ankle or back, DonJoy® has a solution for you. 

The DonJoy® IceMan Clear3 cold therapy unit helps reduce pain and swelling which speeds up your rehabilitation. It provides extended cold therapy for a variety of indications and protocols as directed by a medical professional. It utilizes DonJoy’s patented semi-closed loop circulations system, which maintains consistent and accurate temperatures.

DonJoy® offers a variety of different non-sterile and sterile dressings to deliver cold therapy to various parts of the body when used with one of the DonJoy® IceMan cold therapy units. These sterile options are in the dropdown menu for ease of ordering. 

DonJoy® IceMan CLEAR3 Cold Therapy Unit Benefits

  • Provides a clear advantage with controlled delivery of extended cold therapy.
  • Helps to potentially decrease pain and swelling
  • Self-priming, plug n’ play operation.
  • Designed for easy portability and storage.
  • A complete line of anatomic wrap-on pads for your affected body part. 
  • Power supply included.
  • Single patient use - Non-Returnable.
  • FSA and HSA eligible
  • **Recommended Manufacturer HCPC: E0218 + E0249
  • This product is eligible for free shipping!  🔥 🔥 🔥
FSA HSA Cold Therapy Accepted

What pad and size do I need?

Description Catalog # Size
Universal 11-0679-9-00000 10.85” x 11.34”
Universal XL 11-0681-9-00000 12” x 11.34” [6.5" Hose]
Universal XL w/ Extended Hose 11-0682-9-00000 12” x 11.34” [15" Hose]
Knee 11-1268-9-00000 10.85” x 11.34”
Large Shoulder 11-1334-9-00000 14” x 23” x 12.5”
Shoulder Small 11-1397-9-00000 12.75” x 19” x 12.25”


DonJoy Iceman Clear3 Pads

Cooler Specifications

Cooler Dimensions 12" x 12" x 12"
Hose Length 5' (Approx)
Weight 8 pounds

Trouble Shooting Questions?

  1. Pump will not turn on?
  2. Cold pad will not cool down?
  3. Cold Pad pressure is low?
  4. No Water Flow?
  5. Water Leak at Connector?
  6. Water leak at cold pad?
  7. magnetic interference?
  8. Links to answers for the above FAQs

Manufacturer's Warranty

Cold Therapy Machine: 6 months from delivery
Wrap-On Pads: 1 month from delivery

Waranty Helpline: (800) 336-6569


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 193 reviews
    Ann Marie P.

    The iceman machine was recommended to me by numerous people prior to my knee replacement. Since my replacement I have been using it continuously and found it extremely beneficial. I would highly recommend it to anyone having a replacement done

    roger hanley
    knee replacement

    excellent for post op knee replacement

    Jacqui Mobley

    I borrowed an Ice Man to recover from abdominal surgery, but after using it for a few weeks I bought myself one. It's way better than using Ice packs and provides amazing relief; I also use it for back aches and muscle soreness in addition to the ab surgery. I love it. I used to be a hot pad kind of gal, but the Ice man is the new love of my life. I recommend bottled water instead of tap to cut down on residue build up.

    Awesome product

    It reduced my recovery time, less than 3 days on pain killers, recovery/rehab was made tolerable with this device

    Gabe Wilson
    Game Changer

    This product is a game changer. Prior to getting this machine I was manually putting ice and bags. What a cumbersome task especially when the ice is for your wounded knee. This item arrived earlier than expected. Accurate product description. This machine is a game changer. I feel I finally can ice my leg without all of the hassle of running back and forth to get ice. The even distribution of cold water is amazing!! Highly recommend