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September 14, 2020 1 min read

At OrthoBracing.com, we are HUGE RAVING LUNATIC level fans of education and anatomy.  The more customers know about their conditions, their treatment options, their therapists and their surgeons, the better. 

Let's be honest, surgeons like Dr. Bryan Loeffler are rare. Dr. Loeffler is a great example of a super smart surgeon and a great teacher (he has residents and four hand fellows every year).  He has talented hands and a brain to match (went through two fellowships after 5 years of orthopedic residency).

Dr. Loeffler happily lays out conditions of the hand and elbow, talks about your treatment options and how best to get you back to your life. 

We are very happy to share this video with you. We hope you learn more about your health and that you ask good---scratch that--- great questions of your healthcare providers. 

And if we can help you in securing a product that may help alleviate some pain or give you some function back, all the better.

Click here for products that are germane to the below video. We are serious, we really do love education. To prove it, we are giving anyone who takes the time to educate themselves, free shipping by using promo code "EDUCATION" at checkout.