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The 10 Best Cold Compresses for You to Heal Fast and Easy


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If you are recovering from an injury, whether it is a minor strain or bruise or something more dramatic such as a break or surgery, there are lots of benefits to using a cold compress to help you heal. Cold compresses can be used to help heal a huge number of different types of injuries and you would be very wise to consider using a cold compress to help heal.

So, if you’re interested in learning about some of the newest compressive cold therapy product hitting the market, continue reading to learn more! No matter what injury you are currently dealing with, here are some great ice packs and cold compresses to think about investing in.

Breg Polar Care Wave Cold Therapy System

If you are looking for something that is meant specifically to help people recover from serious injury, the Breg Polar Care Wave Cold Therapy System could be the perfect choice for you. This machine combines motorized cold therapy with active compression that is easily transportable and incredibly powerful when it comes to reducing pain, improving recovery time and relieving inflammation. While this option does come at a fairly pretty penny, it will go a very long way in allowing you to spend loads of time comfortably healing on your couch or favorite lounge chair.

Many of the other options on this list are meant for more casual cooling and compression treatment. However, this system is quite advanced and is meant specifically with people with fairly heaving therapy needs. If you have just had surgery, this is definitely the option to consider.

Feel Better Chilly Bear

If someone young in your family is dealing with an injury, it might be hard to convince them to sit still, let alone use a cold compress. This cuddly looking bear, that doubles as a cold compress, might be exactly what you need to help your little one heal. The cute design comes in three different color options and will provide your child with a cuddly companion as well as a soft and protective cold compress to help reduce pain and inflammation.

Pro-Tec Athletics Wrap

If you are looking to wrap an ankle, foot, knee, hand or any other part of your body in a comfortable and very chilly cold compress, the Pro-Tec Athletics Wrap is a great purchase to consider. This is meant primarily for soft-tissue injuries that do not need any extra care. It could also be great to use for after-workout recovery if you are worried that a hard workout will lead to any sore muscles that would require added recovery and could stall your plans for muscle gain.

TheraPaq Flexible 

This strapped cold pack is equipped with an extra-long strap so that you can easily wrap it extra tight, or even wrap it around the thickest parts of your body such as your back, waist or thigh. Because of how easily it can wrap around your back, pectorals and more make it an ideal resource to use if you are looking to recover from muscle soreness. The strap also allows you to keep the ice pack exactly where you want to keep it for the entirety of your cooling session.

Chattanooga ColPac

While many of the options on this list are dependent on a chemical material freezing completely in order to work, this material requires no freezing and remains pliable even at its coldest so that you do not have to worry about placing a super hard rock of icy material onto your injury. This ColPac allows you to easily wrap around the injury so that you get a 360 and comprehensive application. It is important to keep in mind that this ColPac is fairly heavy, so you may experience some pain if you still have incisions after an injury.

Azmed Ice Bag

This is a classic ice pack that allows you to fill with ice so that you can softly rest on an injury or sore part of your body that you are trying to heal. This is also probably the best option on this list if you are looking for an ice pack that can help you recover from headaches. If you suffer from common migraines, this may absolutely be the best choice for you. Not only does it form easily to almost any part of the body, but it is also lined with a soft fabric so you do not have to worry about wrapping in it any kind of cloth or paper towel.

O2 Cold Therapy

This option is specifically meant for people who are dealing with knee pain and/or inflammation as it is a cold therapy device that is shaped exactly like a knee brace to fit on your knee. Not only does this device cool the knee thanks to its gel liner, but it also has a pump that increases compression. On top of that, it has a universal fit so you do not have to worry about accidentally purchasing the wrong size when you are looking for relief.

Bodyprox Therapy 

The Bodyprox therapy offers people who are looking to recover from elbow, wrist, ankle and feet injuries with a great option to cool and compress with this easy wrap. This is also a preferred option for people with carpal tunnel syndrome because this easily wraps around the entirety of the hand. It is also good to know that the gel is removable so that you can purchase multiple gel packets and freeze them both for an elongated cooling and compressing session without having to wait for the gel to refreeze.


In the end, the right cold compression for you is going to depend on your injury and your needs. While some are great for more casual and treatable injuries, others are specifically meant for post-op injuries. It’s up to you to figure out which option is the best for you and how you will use it in order to recover as quickly and as painlessly as possible.

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