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How to Put On Donjoy Shoulder Sling: Instructions for Comfortable Wear and Support

Nothing makes you appreciate your shoulders more than an injury. Frustrating and painful, a shoulder injury can put you out of action for months, and the recovery process usually isn’t a fun one. 

If you’re on an injury rehab journey, or shoulder surgery is in your future, an immobilizing shoulder sling can make all the difference, helping you recover faster and with less pain. But it’s essential to learn how to use your shoulder sling properly. 

In this article, we’ll explain how to put on Donjoy shoulder sling properly and safely, helping you make the most of it during your recovery. We’ll share some other shoulder healing tips as well - hopefully you’ll be back to your best before you know it! 

If you haven’t found your shoulder sling yet, you can pick up theDonjoy Shoulder Sling right here at Ortho Bracing - we have the best prices on premium orthopedic products and offer next-day shipping to help you start healing right away. 

Overview of the Donjoy Shoulder Sling

Before we discuss how to put on Donjoy shoulder sling, let’s take a look at the sling itself.What does a shoulder brace do? Who is it designed for? And what makes the Donjoy shoulder sling thebest shoulder brace for shoulder rehab and recovery? Let’s take a look. 

Features and Benefits

The Donjoy Ultrasling Pro has an array of features engineered to enhance comfort and promote healing. Constructed from breathable, lightweight materials, it ensures proper ventilation while providing the necessary support to stabilize the shoulder joint. 

If you’ve used a shoulder sling before, you might be familiar with the discomfort and pain that it can cause your good shoulder, with straps that often rub on or dig into your clavicle. The Donjoy Ultrasling Pro is designed differently, with a unique “shoulder ring” for added comfort. 

Unlike other shoulder slings, you’ll be able to comfortably wear the Donjoy Ultrasling Pro for days on end, speeding up your recovery and helping your shoulder heal as quickly and safely as possible. 

Recommended Uses

The Donjoy Ultrasling Pro helps to immobilize your shoulder and support healing, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. Whether you’re recovering from a shoulder sprain, strain, dislocation, or surgical procedure, this sling provides the necessary support to facilitate healing. 

It is particularly beneficial following rotator cuff repairs, Bankart procedures, labral repairs, capsular shifts, glenohumeral dislocation/subluxation, or shoulder stabilization surgeries, where immobilization is crucial for optimal recovery. 

Additionally, the Donjoy Ultrasling Pro can be used in the management of shoulder arthritis, tendonitis, or bursitis, as well as soft tissue strains or repairs. Its versatility is astounding - almost anyone with a shoulder issue can benefit from this sling!

How to Put On Donjoy Shoulder Sling: Instructions for Proper Usage on Your Road to Recovery

So, what are the Donjoy shoulder sling instructions? Whether you’re using the Donjoy Ultrasling Pro to recover from an injury or rehab following surgery, here’s how to put on Donjoy shoulder sling safely and effectively. 

Preparing the Sling

Before donning the Donjoy Ultrasling Pro, ensure that it is properly adjusted and ready for use. Check the straps and fastenings for any twists or tangles, ensuring they are free from obstruction. 

Take a moment to familiarize yourself with the sling's components, including the straps, padding, and support panels. Read through the following Donjoy shoulder sling instructions before you get started. 

Also, note that the Donjoy Ultrasling Pro is shipped in a RIGHT configuration. To use it for your

LEFT shoulder, remove the arm sling from the cushion. Flip the cushion over so that the contoured end of the pillow is positioned to the back of your elbow. Center and reattach the arm sling on the cushion.

Securing the Sling

Next, it’s time to put on the sling. Here are the Donjoy shoulder sling instructions: 

  • Apply Arm Sling with Abduction Pillow: Remove forearm and thumb straps from the arm envelope and set aside. Disengage shoulder strap quick-release buckles. Position cushion at waist/hip level. Place forearm into arm envelope as far back as possible. Secure the forearm strap and thumb strap. Your elbow should be at 90°. 
  • Apply Waist Strap: Disengage the waist strap quick-release buckle on the front of the cushion and wrap the strap around your back. Secure it with the quick-release buckle and adjust/trim the waist belt for a proper fit.
  • Apply Shoulder Ring: Open the shoulder ring and wrap it under your arm, then over the top of your shoulder and secure it with the hook and loop closure. Adjust the shoulder ring circumference for a secure fit. The hook and loop closure should be facing up, with the widest ends over the top of your shoulder. Secure shoulder strap quick-release buckles at the front of your sling.
  • Position of Swivel D-Ring Strap Tabs: Adjust the front and back swivel strap tabs so they are approximately 1”- 2” from the top of your shoulder. Placement of the Swivel D-Ring Strap Tabs on the shoulder ring helps to maintain straps and arm in the proper position.

Fine-Tuning the Fit

Once the sling is securely in place, take the time to fine-tune the fit for optimal comfort and support. Adjust the straps as needed, ensuring they are neither too loose nor too tight. 

Pay particular attention to the tension around the shoulder joint, ensuring it is adequately supported without restricting circulation or causing discomfort. Check for any areas of rubbing or irritation, making adjustments as necessary to alleviate pressure points.

Ensuring Comfort Throughout the Day

Throughout the day, periodically check the fit of the Donjoy Ultrasling Pro to make sure you’re still comfortable after extended use. Make any necessary adjustments to alleviate discomfort or tightness, taking care to maintain proper alignment of the shoulder joint. 

Take breaks as needed to gently move and stretch the uninjured arm, promoting circulation and preventing stiffness. If you’ve made adjustments and you still can’t find a comfortable fit, reach out to your healthcare provider or physical therapist for help. 

How Long Should You Wear the Sling Daily?

How long you wear your shoulder sling for each day depends on your injury and the specific recommendations of your healthcare provider. Make sure you follow their Donjoy shoulder sling instructions in terms of how long to wear your sling and when to take breaks. 

It’s important to gradually wean off the sling as your shoulder strength and range of motion improve, transitioning to more functional activities and exercises under the guidance of your physical therapist, orthopedic surgeon, or other healthcare provider. 

More Tips on Making the Most of Your Healing Journey

Following the Donjoy shoulder sling instructions is the first important step in your healing journey, but there are many others! Here are some tips to help enhance the healing effects of your shoulder sling and speed up your recovery. 

Maintaining Activity Levels While Modifying Activities

While wearing the Donjoy Ultrasling Pro, it's essential to strike a balance between rest and activity. While certain activities won’t be suitable during your recovery, maintaining a safe level of physical activity can aid in circulation, muscle strength, and your overall recovery. 

Work with your doctor or physical therapist to come up with a personalized activity plan that keeps you active and helps your body heal, but doesn’t include any exercises that could cause you pain or discomfort during your recovery. 

Care and Maintenance of the Sling

The Donjoy Ultrasling Pro is refreshingly low maintenance - it pretty much takes care of itself! The only thing you’ll need to do is periodically clean your sling - the timing and frequency of this is up to you and depends on how heavily you’re using it. 

To clean the Donjoy Ultrasling Pro, hand wash it in warm (not hot) water with a mild detergent. Make sure you rinse the sling thoroughly to remove all residual detergent, as it could cause irritation or deteriorate the material. Don’t iron, tumble dry, or bleach your sling. 

Documenting Your Progress 

Keeping track of your progress throughout the healing process can provide valuable insights into your recovery journey. Consider maintaining a journal or digital log to record daily observations, including pain levels, range of motion, and functional abilities. 

Sometimes, when you feel like you’re not making enough progress, you can look back and see how far you’ve come - it’s an important element of your recovery! Celebrate your achievements, no matter how small, and use them as motivation to stay committed to your rehab goals.

When to Stop Using the Sling

Knowing when to start phasing out the sling is another important part of your rehab. As your shoulder strength and range of motion improve, your healthcare provider may recommend gradually reducing your reliance on the Donjoy Ultrasling Pro. 

Listen to your body and communicate any concerns or changes in symptoms with your healthcare team. Ultimately, the decision to discontinue sling usage should be guided by your individual progress and the recommendations of your healthcare provider. 

Once you have regained sufficient strength and stability in your shoulder joint, you can confidently bid farewell to the sling and embrace a return to more freedom and movement and less discomfort - it will feel amazing!

Set Yourself Up for a Smooth, Comfortable Road to Recovery With Ortho Bracing!

At Ortho Bracing, we have all the orthopedic supplies and equipment you need for a comfortable, safe recovery. We only stock products we truly believe in, and put your health and safety before all else. 

As well as the Donjoy Ultrasling Pro, the best immobilizing shoulder sling available, we have an incredible selection of other orthopedic supplies and equipment, including theDonjoy Sully Shoulder Brace and several top-ratedshoulder compression sleeves

As well as thebest shoulder braces and slings, we also have premiumice machines for shoulder surgery recovery, including theDonjoy Ice Machine and theAircast Shoulder Cryo Cuff. Check them out - they’ll completely transform your recovery journey! 

Final Thoughts on How to Put On Donjoy Shoulder Sling

The Donjoy Ultrasling Pro is one of the most effective additions you can bring to your shoulder recovery journey. With so much more comfort than other slings, you’ll be able to enhance your healing process without any added pain from poorly designed sling straps. 

By following these Donjoy shoulder sling instructions, you can ensure your sling is secured properly for maximum comfort and efficacy. Recommended and used by healthcare professionals around the world, the Donjoy Ultrasling Pro really is second to none!

With Ortho Bracing’s next-day shipping, we’ll ensure the Donjoy Ultrasling Pro is safely on your doorstep, ready to enhance your shoulder recovery. Order yours today - you won’t regret it!