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Is Breg Cold Therapy Right for You?

Are you recovering from a broken bone? Maybe you're healing after surgery or anxiously counting down the days until you can take off a cast.

For athletes, laborers, and everyone in between, a broken bone or surgery can cause major frustration. Whether you're navigating the world on crutches or trying to go through your daily routine with an unwieldy cast, you're probably looking for any solution that will help you heal faster.

That's where Breg cold therapy comes in. Cold therapy, also called "cryotherapy," is a method for treating orthopedic injuries. It uses cold compress technology to reduce pain and help patients recover faster. Breg offers a wide array of cold therapy products that will help you get back to your normal, healthy self as quickly as possible.

To learn more about cold therapy and the products offered by Breg, continue reading below. No matter what kind of orthopedic issue you're recovering from, Breg can help you achieve a fast recovery.

What Is Breg Cold Therapy?

Cold therapy is a great option for people looking for pain relief post-surgery. It can also treat orthopedic issues like fractures and sprains and long-term conditions like chronic pain.

The Breg cold therapy product line offers several different products that treat inflammation. After an injury or surgery, you are likely to experience inflammation. This is your body's defense mechanism against injuries. Inflammation is a way that your body tries to heal itself.

Unfortunately, prolonged inflammation can cause more harm than good. Cold therapy fights inflammation with a combination of cold packs, motorized cooling machines, and compression.

When you apply a cold pack to an area of your body, it helps to narrow blood vessels and reduce blood flow to that area. This reduces inflammation and prevents related problems like swelling and stiffness. On the other hand, compression aids blood circulation and oxygenation. When cold therapy and compression are combines, they have a great impact on comfort level and recovery time.

Most Breg cold therapy systems consist of a cooling machine that chills the water and a cooling pack that you apply to your area of injury. The pack is connected to the machine by a thin tube, which pumps water back and forth. This keeps the cold pack at the same cool temperature for many hours.

Breg was founded in 1989. The company is trusted by medical professionals and is a reliable source for cold therapy products.

Benefits Of Cold Therapy

If you've ever applied a pack of frozen peas to a sprained ankle, you already understand some of the benefits of cold therapy systems. Cold packs have a numbing effect and can greatly reduce the amount of pain that you feel. By lessening pain, they also reduce the need for pain medication.

Cold therapy systems are a great alternative to strong prescription painkillers like opioids. For people who are recovering from surgery, cold therapy offers immediate relief without the dangerous side effects that come with opioids. Considering the opioid epidemic in American and the high possibility of addiction that comes with these prescription drugs, cold therapy is a safer and healthier solution for pain relief.

Breg cold therapy was specifically developed for medical use. The benefits of cold therapy are well documented by clinical studies, which show that specialized systems like Breg's are much more effective than simple ice packs or frozen peas.

Breg's cooling packs can help damaged tissue heal faster. They can also prevent muscle spasms and bruising. They make it easier for your body to heal and quickly return to its normal state.

How Breg Products Work

You should consult with your doctor about the best way for you to safely and effectively use a cold therapy system. Your doctor can help you create a plan that is appropriate for your situation and your personal needs. Because cold therapy devices can reach dangerously cold temperatures, most patients will need a doctor's prescription in order to obtain one.

To operate a cold therapy system, you need to first add ice and water to the cooling machine component.

Next, you can apply the cooling pad to your body. When you place the cooling pad on your area of injury, you should add some kind of thin cloth between your skin and the pad. A t-shirt or a towel works well. Do not apply the pad directly to your skin.

Once the pad is in place, you can connect it to the cooling machine with the provided hose.

Many doctors suggest that you begin cold therapy by using the pad for just 30 minutes at a time. You should also check your skin every few hours to make sure that you are not having any adverse reactions to the cooling pad. Again, you should talk to your doctor before you introduce cold therapy into your recovery routine.

There are several different Breg systems to choose from. All of them can be operated according to the directions above. In the sections below you will find details on the most popular Breg cold therapy systems. To buy any of the Breg models mentioned below you should first get a prescription from your doctor.

The Breg Polar Care Cube

Breg Polar Care Cube

Breg's Polar Care Cube system is its signature cold therapy system. The Cube is also one of its most affordable options. The motorized system pumps cold water from a small cooling machine into a pad. Like all of Breg's cold therapy products, the Cube system promises a consistent and uniform pad temperature..

The Cube's cooling machine holds 5 quarts of water. But don't be fooled by the machine's small size: it is very durable and can remain cold for between 6 to 8 hours. At the end of these 6 to 8 hours, you'll need to refill the machine with more ice and water.

The Cube is known for its impressive pad coverage. For this reason, it is suggested for patients with injuries to the hip, the lumbar area, the knee, or the shoulder.

This system needs to be plugged into an electrical outlet to work. It is not portable or battery-operated.

The Breg Polar Care Kodiak

Breg Polar Care Kodiak

Breg's Polar Care Kodiak system offers all the benefits of the Cube. Like the Cube, it needs to be plugged into a power outlet and can run for 6 to 8 hours before you'll need to refill it with fresh ice and water. The Kodiak also boasts special "Intelliflo" pads. These pads offer different temperatures tailored to each part of the body.

Like the pads that come with the Cube, the Kodiak's Intelliflo pads also provide compression. They come with elastic straps so that they can be easily affixed to your body.

The Kodiak is best for use on hip, shoulder, and lumbar injuries. This is because of the comfortable size and fit of the Intelliflo pads, which can be specially made for those areas.

Breg Polar Care Glacier

Breg Polar Care Glacier Cold Therapy System

Breg'sGlacier system offers cold therapy for up to 13 hours, making it even more long-lasting than the Cube and the Kodiak systems.

The Glacier works well on everything from a bunion to a total shoulder replacement. Like the Kodiak, it offers pads in many sizes. These include knee, shoulder, ankle, hip, back, and XL sizes.

The Glacier also features a "whisper pump" system, which makes it extremely quiet. It is a good option for patients who wish to rest while they undergo cold therapy.

Breg Polar Care Wave Cold Compression Therapy System

Breg Polar Care Wave Cold Compression Therapy Systems

ThePolar Care Wave system offers active compression in addition to cold therapy. This creates a squeezing sensation on the area where you apply the pad. The Wave features two different compression settings and two different temperature settings, which means that you can customize the system for maximum comfort and effectiveness. Wave is the third generation cold therapy system from Bred, the most advanced on the market. Compared to previous generations, the Polar Care Wave offers improved knee pad designs for superior anatomic fit. 

Like the Glacier system, the Wave features whisper pump technology that keeps the cooling machine quiet while it runs. It stays cold for 6 to 8 hours before a refill is needed.

Is Breg cold therapy right for me?

The benefits of Breg cold therapy can help you recover from nearly every injury, whether it is a small sprain or a major surgical intervention. If you would like to speed up your recovery time or are struggling with pain management, Breg could be right for you.

If you're interested in cold therapy, talk to your doctor. These systems should not be used without the recommendation of a medical professional.

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When it comes to cold therapy, you have lots of options to choose from. We know it can be confusing if you've never needed a cold therapy system. To help you understand the pros and cons of each machine, check out our review of the 7 best cold therapy machines.

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