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The Breg Polar Care Glacier Cold Therapy System: A Complete Review

When it comes to outpatient orthopedic injuries, two treatment options prevail—medication and physical therapy. But did you know that over 40% of patients prefer physical therapy to drug-based alternatives?

Patients seek physical therapy for a wide range of issues, including sports injuries, fibromyalgia, stress-induced body pain, whiplash, nerve pain, OA , and chronic back pain.

Physical therapists and sports medicine professionals rely on many pain relief techniques, including cold-based therapies.

Cold therapy slows down blood flow, decreasing swelling in the process. It also protects body tissue from inflammation while reducing bruising.

The Breg Polar Care Glacier goes the extra mile in providing superior cold therapy for surgery recovery, sports medicine, post-trauma injuries, and chronic pain conditions.

Learn more in this complete buyer's guide to the Breg Polar Care Glacier system.

What Is the Breg Polar Care Glacier?

ThePolar Care Glacier is a premium cold therapy system by Breg, a leader in orthopedic bracing and cold therapy products. Breg partners with thousands of clinics, physicians, and integrated delivery networks to provide quality physical therapy to millions of patients.

Breg's Polar Care Glacier reflects the company's commitment to high-quality care by providing over 13 hours of cold therapy.

Physicians prefer the Polar Care Glaciers user-friendly design while patients enjoy enhanced comfort. This cold therapy system features Breg's ultra-quiet technology as high flow rates distribute temperatures evenly.

The Polar Care Glacier combines with a variety pads, sterile dressings, and wrap-on combos, providing superior cold therapy to shoulders, knees, ankles, hips, wrists, and backs.

Clinicians enjoy the Glacier's durable and reliable construction. It also maximizes therapy time, leading to faster, long-lasting recovery.

More Benefits of the Breg Polar Care Glacier

Durable design and therapy time optimization deliver an excellent return on investment. This cold therapy system is ideal for sports medicine physicians and physical therapists who treat everything from blunt injuries to chronic pain.

For example, health care professionals can combine their Glacier cold therapy unit with multi-use pads to treat multiple parts of the body. Buyers can also purchase pads, wrap-ons, and sterile dressings specifically designed to treat wrists, ankles, shoulders, hips, and more areas.

Pad sizes are also available in extra-large to accommodate more patients. The Polar Care Glacier also combines with polar eye masks and TMJ pads to relieve jaw andocular pain.

Not only do buyers enjoy a high return on investment, but patients become less dependent on prescription pain medications after surgery, making the Polar Care Glacier a top post-surgery recovery solution.

How Does the Polar Care Glacier Cold Therapy System Work?

The Polar Care Glacier is easy to use. It's so easy that patients can administer cold therapy at home.

First, open the cooler lid by moving the handle to the unlock position. Remove the lid and fill the unit to the fill line with tap water. Next, fill the cooler with ice to the second fill line.

Place the lid back on the cooler and lock it in place.

Attaching the Polar Pad

Retrieve the correct pad for cold therapy.

Injuries need targeted treatment. For example, to treat a knee injury, use a Breg WrapOn knee pad with a matching dressing. Any other pad design may deliver too much coldness to the area, resulting in tissue injuries.

The dressing also works as an insulation barrier to protect the skin. Don't apply a Breg Polar Pad directly onto the skin without a sterile dressing.

Breg Polar Pads come with soft, comfortable elastic straps to secure the pad in place. Place the pad over the injury, and pull the straps over the pad, wrapping them in place.

Notice the attachment on the Polar Pad. This attachment plugs directly into the Polar Care Glacier cooler.

Find the matching connector on the unit, press down the square buttons on both connectors, and plug them together. The attachments will make a click sound once fastened.

Using the Device

Plug the power supply cord into the cooler's DC jack on top of the lid. The unit works immediately, circulating ice and water in the cooler and distributing cold water directly to the pad.

Check the skin every one to two hours to avoid any skin injuries. Patients can use the Polar Care Glacier at home under strict instructions from a doctor. Don't extend cold therapy beyond the prescribed limit.

Powering Off the Polar Care Glacier

Simply unplug the unit to shut it off. Detach the pad from the unit by pressing down the square buttons on both connectors, unfastening both attachments.

Drain the pad by placing it over a sink with the hose pointing down. Squeeze the pad to remove any excess water. Empty the pad between every cold therapy session.

Drain and rinse the pump between uses. Twist off the unit's filter cap and run it under hot water. Pull out the small filter and rinse it out with hot water, as well.

Troubleshooting Tips

If the pad isn't cooling fast enough, ensure the power supply cord is securely fastened in the DC jack. Ensure there's enough water and ice in the unit. Make sure the wall outlet is working properly, as well.

Check to see if the cooler filter is clogged. Run the filter under hot water to remove any debris.

Check the connector hose for any kinks that could restrict water flow.

Polar Care Accessories

Healthcare professionals and patients can enhance cold therapy with accessories.

Optimize the Polar Care Glacier with extra 4ft extension tubes, 60" compression straps, PC Y Adapters, and replacement power supply.

For fast 2-hour relief, try Breg's quick Polar Care Packs. These specially formulated gel packs come vacuum packed, keeping the gel effective for long-lasting relief. Packs evenly distribute cold temperatures to the affected area.

Buyers can also purchase Polar Care Wraps to secure the Polar Pads in place comfortably.

More Cold Therapy Systems

The Polar Care Glacier is one of many cold therapy solutions from Breg.

Patients and healthcare professionals can optimize therapy sessions with any of the following products:

  • Polar Care Wave
  • Polar Care Cube
  • Polar Care Kodiak
  • Polar Care Cub

These four additional cold therapy systems enhance therapy sessions in a number of ways.

The compactPolar Care Wave system is ideal for home care use. This cold therapy system transports easily among hospitals, sports training facilities, and homes. It's particularly effective at reducing edema swelling.

ThePolar Care Cube is also ideal for home care. Its simple, user-friendly design delivers up to 8 hours of continuous cold therapy.

For added convenience, try the portable battery-poweredPolar Care Kodiak. The Kodiak is one most versatile cold therapy systems on the market, delivering up to 14 hours of high-quality cold therapy.

Hand-powered cold therapy systems are also available. The Polar Care Cub is completely manually operated. Patients operate a simple-to-use hand pump to evenly distribute cold therapy.

Additional power supply cords are also available for the Polar Care Cube and Kodiak. Kodiak owners also enjoy theINTELLI-FLO PAD Y CONNECTOR which connects two pads for extra relief.

Multi-use INTELLIFLO PADS are also available for the Kodiak, featuring a comfortable, ergonomic design.

Cold Therapy FAQs

Cold therapy systems should only be used as directed. Applying cold therapy beyond the prescribed length may result in tissue damage.

Devices like the Polar Care glacier combine compression and cold therapy to deliver fast, long-lasting relief. Cold therapy immediately reduces swelling while compression mimics the body's natural muscle contraction process to repair tissue.

Together, these combined therapies enable better range of motion and pain management.

Who Should Use the Polar Care Glacier Machine?

The Polar Care Glacier helps a number of patients.

Athletes enjoy fast muscle injury recovery, while retired athletes use the Glacier for long-term pain management post-career. Runners, fitness enthusiasts, and recreational athletes also enjoy the benefits of the Glacier.

Chronic back pain sufferers can regularly use cold therapy systems to manage pain without prescription medication. Patients with rheumatoid OA, chronic foot problems, and torn shoulder muscles enjoy the double benefits of cold and compression therapies.

The Polar Care Glacier can also be used for long-term relief from migraines and ocular pain. Combine the unit with a Breg eye mask to enjoy long-lasting migraine, sinus, and ocular pain relief.

Dentists and patients can also combine Polar Care units with TMJ relief pads to relieve debilitatingTemporomandibular joint pain.

How to Buy the Polar Care Glacier System

Breg's Polar Care Glacier cold therapy system is available now from OrthoBracing.com, including top accessories to enhance sessions and recovery.

Discover an impressive selection ofBreg cold therapy products, along with Polar Pads, replacement batteries, extra sterile dressings, additional connector tubes, and more products to improve results.

Discover the Benefits of Cold Therapy

Are you ready to discover the long-lasting relief of cold therapy? Enhance your care with the Breg Polar Care Glacier system. Keep this guide handy as you choose the right products for your needs.

Shop our large selection of cold therapy products orcontact us to learn more!