💥 Great News! New Customers Receive free shipping over $188.99💥

💥 Great News! New Customers Receive free shipping over $188.99💥

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Here's how cold Therapy Machines Work

Question: Why did my doctor talk to me about cold therapy machines?

4 Main Benefits yourdoctor is thinking about...

Reduce Swelling

Reduction in Pain through the numbing power of Ice Therapy

Reduce Inflammation for advanced healing

Possible Reduction in Pain Medication

Empowering Your Health and Recovery, Your Way

Customizable solutions for a thriving recovery with less dependency on strong pain medications

Super Quick & Easy

Find what you need quickly. Order is a snap

There's No Limits

We have basic models all the way to the professional grade to meet your unique needs for recovery. 

Friendly Customer Service

We have real people from Charlotte, North Carolina, who answer the phone and can help you with your questions. 

Convenient One-Stop Shopping

We are a one-stop shop since we partner with THE major US Brands in the recovery space: 

Bregand DonJoy. 

Harnessing the Power of Cold Therapy Naturally

Step 1


Your surgeon prescribes a  cold therapy machine, usually Breg, DonJoy, Aircast, or GameReady.





Step 2


Select the machine that matches what your surgeon prescribed and the pad that corresponds with your surgery. 




Step 3

Choose your shipping speed at checkout that best matches your needs. Next Day delivery is available for most products. 

63% of our customers receive their orders within 2-3 business days for free!

Step 4

Be Happy!  Your receovery products will arrive shortly. When it arrives, get out the instructions and give your new best friend a test drive and start to feel the relief!



3 Reasons to Choose Our Cold Therapy Machines

Health and Well-being

Our cold therapy machines offers a convenient and reliable way to support overall health and well-being by providing consistent cold therapy to your operative area. 

Convenience and Ease of Use

We have curated the dozens for cold therapy machines down to a select fewwhich delivery a convenient and low effort  cold therapy solution. You have enough to worry about, your cold therapy should be as easy and simple. 

Trust and Reputation

Trust and confidence mean a lot when you are trying to focus on your recovery. We have over 27,000 happy customers with almost 3,000 reviews. We take great pride in our ability to help our customers. 

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So Amazingly Simple to Use and Operate

Open the Safety Latch and Remove the Lid

Add Ice & Water to the Fill Line

Close Lid close Safety Latch

"Click" in your cold therapy pad to your machine's hose

Wrap around your knee, hip, shoulder, ankle, elbow, or back

Plug in the power cord to beging treatment

Unleash the Power of Cold Therapy and rest assured because your investment in your recovery is backed by a 6-month warranty!

unbeatable advantages

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Competitive Pricing

Authorized Dealers of Breg and DonJoy

All Products in-stock

Next Day Shipping Available

Manufacturers Warranty of 6-Months

Incredible Customer Service

25+ Years of Orthopedic Knowledge

Quality and Confidence

6 Month Warranty

Unlock worry-free ownership with our "6  Warranty" a testament to the lasting quality and durability of our products. Invest in our cold therapy brands and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a robust 6-months of product protection which only comes through authorized retailers of major brands like DonJoy and Breg. 

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I like it!

"I like the unit. Easy to use and directions were precise. I have the back pad only and like the compression along with the cold. It definitely helps with my back issues. The unit is reliable and performs as advertised. I'm very satisfied with the results."

-Paul D.

Verified Customer

Helped in my recovery...

"Wow, what an amazing help for my recovery. Easy to use, long circulating cooling. Great quality. Recommend for anyone needing icing for recovery. The only downside is that it needs to be handled with care, especially the tube connection. Overall, it’s a great product that has made my post-surgery experience much more manageable."

-David S.

Verified Customer

Polar Care is the Gold Standard

I have had a Polar Care Cube for many years. I used it for two Rotator Cuff repairs and its use was invaluable. Unfortunately, it was lost in a move about a year, ago. As a Judoka, I have had numerous injuries to my knees and shoulders; and, ice is always my go-to solution. Although, I still store several ice packs in my freezer, some of my injuries and surgeries require icing for a longer period of time than I can expect from ice packs. Also, ice packs may tend to occupy more room in my freezer than I am willing to tolerate. Over the years, I have come to rely on my Polar Care Cube for giving me the kind of immediate relief that I need. Several of my Judo friends also use the Polar Care Cube and we often exchange the different pads to apply to different parts of the body. I do not know of any Polar Care Cube that has failed to provide ultimate support either to me or my friends - no leaks, no failures. 


I keep several 12 oz soda bottles, filled with water and frozen, in my freezer to use with my Polar Care Cube in lieu of ice. The reservoir will hold three such bottles and then I fill the reservoir with water to the recommended level - it works like a champ!


For my rotator cuff surgeries, I kept the Cube running for over 24 hours. I was alert for any potential freezing injuries, but it never got close to that. The result, I had virtually no inflammatory pain following the surgery. The relief was long-lasting.


I would not waste my money purchasing any other brand of icing machine - there are a lot of bad experiences out there by people who have bought a knock-off.

-Henry K. 

Verified Customer

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