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How to Drain Donjoy Iceman Machines & Cold Therapy Pads

The Donjoy Ice Machine is a top choice for patients looking for a reliable cold therapy machine. This unit can be used for rehabilitating a sports injury or for reducing pain and inflammation after surgery.

The Donjoy Iceman has some specific care instructions, and it’s important to keep your machine well-maintained for optimal performance. In this article, we’ll show you how to drain Donjoy Iceman machines, and how to drain the cold therapy pad for a Donjoy Iceman machine in particular.  

First, let's talk about when this would be necessary.

When Would Donjoy Iceman Draining be Necessary?

First, let’s discuss why Donjoy Iceman draining is an important part of maintenance for your Donjoy Iceman cold therapy unit. 

Cleaning the System on a Routine Basis

The Donjoy Iceman works by pumping ice-cold water through some tubing to a pad that’s connected to a specific part of your body. When you’re done with your cold therapy session, the pad, the tubing, and the Donjoy Iceman cooler will all still contain water. It’s important to remove this water and let the components dry completely to prevent microbial growth, which often thrives in a moist environment. 

Plus, you need to periodically clean each of the components of the Donjoy Iceman, usually in warm water with a mild detergent. Before cleaning, it’s important to make sure that you understand how to drain Donjoy Iceman machines before cleaning your unit. You can learn more about how to clean Donjoy Iceman machines in this guide. 

Removing Old Water & Adding Fresh Water

Before you start your cold therapy treatment, your doctor should provide you with specific instructions for how long to use Donjoy Iceman machines. For shorter sessions, you should have enough ice and won’t need to replace it. For longer sessions, you may need to perform Donjoy Iceman draining and fill it back up with fresh ice and cold water. 

For cold therapy to be effective, constant cold temperatures have to be applied to the skin. Otherwise, your body won’t reap the benefits of cold therapy, like how to reduce post-surgery swelling. Learning how to drain Donjoy Iceman machines is essential if your cold therapy sessions last several hours and the original ice melts. 

How to Drain Donjoy Iceman Machines & Cold Therapy Pads

Let’s now discuss exactly how to drain Donjoy Iceman machines, as well as how to drain the cold therapy pad for a Donjoy Iceman machine. It’s worth mentioning that the steps for draining Donjoy vs Breg cold therapy machines are not the same. You can learn more about how to drain the Breg Polar Care Cube in this guide.

How to Drain Donjoy Iceman Machine

To drain the Donjoy Iceman Clear 3 machine, start by unplugging the machine from the power outlet. Then, disconnect the cold pad from the hose. Drain the cooler by simply pouring the remaining water and ice into a sink. Wipe the cooler dry with paper towel or a sponge, and leave to fully air dry. The Donjoy Iceman draining steps for the Donjoy Iceman Classic 3 machine are the same.

How to Drain the Cold Therapy Pad for a Donjoy Iceman

As well as learning how to drain Donjoy Iceman machines, users must also learn how to drain Donjoy replacement parts and accessories, like the cold therapy pads that are used with Donjoy Iceman machines. To drain your cold therapy pad, unplug the machine from the power outlet and disconnect the pad from the hose. Drain the pad by holding it with the tube hanging down. 

After the initial water has drained out, press the buttons at the end of the hose and allow all of the residual water to drain from the pad. Don’t worry if there’s still some water or moisture left in the cold pad. Once you have a majority of the water drained out, you can leave it to air dry. 

After you learn how to drain the cold therapy pad for a Donjoy Iceman machine, it’s a good idea to periodically give your cold therapy pad a clean using warm water and a mild detergent. Make sure you rinse the pad thoroughly in clean water, then leave to air dry. 

Beyond Donjoy Iceman Draining, Here is Some More Advice on Maintaining Your System

Many people ask “Is cold therapy good for you?” and “Are cold therapy machines worth it?” The answer is yes, as long as you take good care of your machine and follow all of your doctor’s orders when it comes to using your cold therapy unit. Make sure you understand how long to use cold therapy after surgery and when should you use cold therapy

Not only does cold therapy reduce inflammation, but it can also offer pain relief, increased range of motion, reduced swelling, and faster recovery without the need for potentially harmful medications. 

As well as performing Donjoy Iceman draining after each use, and periodically cleaning the cold therapy unit and the associated accessories like cold pads, there are a few other things you can do to keep your machine operating optimally. Make sure you read all of the instructions and documentation associated with your machine. Never overfill the cooler with water or ice above the fill level, and always be careful to use dry hands when plugging and unplugging the machine. 

Parting Thoughts on How to Drain Donjoy Iceman Knee Pads and the Machine Itself

Donjoy Iceman draining isn’t complicated, but it’s an important part of keeping your cold therapy unit running in peak condition. Cold therapy machines can play a significant role in improving your quality of life during your rehabilitation and recovery, so it’s essential to take steps to look after your cold therapy unit. 

If you’re looking to start your cold therapy journey, you can find the best selection of Donjoy products and other cold therapy machines at Ortho Bracing. Not only do we have an unbeatable range, but we also offer prices that even your doctor can’t beat. Plus, our team is available 24/7 to answer any questions you have about cold therapy machines or accessories. 

Get your body back on track the natural way with a Donjoy Iceman machine from Ortho Bracing. 


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