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Great News! Free Standard Shipping for all new customers with orders over $188.00

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Are Cold Therapy Machines Worth It?

Whether rehabbing an injury or reducing soreness after a workout, cold therapy can help reduce recovery time, inflammation, swelling, and soreness. With knowledge of the benefits of cold therapy, you may wonder how to achieve it at home. And that’s where cold therapy machines come in to save the day. But are cold therapy machines worth it? 

Cold therapy machines produce a more effective treatment result when compared to ice bags. They are also a more affordable and convenient option when compared to traveling to the doctor’s office multiple times a week. 

To get into the finer details of whether buying a cold therapy machine is worth it, we discuss what makes it a better option, how to use it for effective treatments, and provide product options best for your goals. 

What are Cold Therapy Machines?

Cold therapy machines are tools that effectively apply cold therapy for extended periods compared to tools like ice packs that only provide short-lived relief.

A cold therapy machine will circulate water through an ice reservoir connected to a wrap to instigate compression onto the desired area. These two components reduce swelling and relieve pain, along with many other outstanding benefits associated with cold therapy application. 

Are Cold Therapy Machines Worth It?

Are cold therapy machines worth it? The list is endless, but cold therapy machines can offer a range of benefits that can reduce pain and help speed up healing. For more in-depth information, continue reading below! 

Get Back On Your Feet Fast With a Quicker Recovery Timeline

If you want to get back on your feet as fast as possible with a quick recovery time, then buying a cold therapy machine is worth it!

Cold therapy improves recovery by reducing swelling and inflammation that slow down the healing process. In addition, it has been shown to effectively and quickly remove lactate from the body to diminish delayed onset muscle soreness for faster recovery post-training. 

Cryotherapy, also known as cold therapy, is effective in speeding up injury rehabilitation. One study proved this. In the study, patients with a grade 4 ankle sprain that used cryotherapy could use the full range of movement of their ankle within 13 days post-injury. Comparatively, patients that did not use cold therapy for recovery required 30 days or more to gain access to the full range of movement in the injured ankle. 

So, whether it be after an intense workout or for injury rehabilitation, a cold therapy machine is an excellent tool to own. 

Cut Back on Pain Medication - Saving Money & Eliminating Side Effects/Health Risks

If you want to cut back, avoid pain medication, or even save money and eliminate the risks of side effects, a cold therapy machine can answer your troubles. 

It was discovered through a study that the need for toxic pain medication like Vicodin was drastically reduced with the use of cold therapy. This is also thanks to the significant reduction of pain often caused by inflammation and swelling. Combined with an improved speedy healing timeline, the benefits of applying cold therapy for recovery are outstanding. 

Enjoy the Convenience & Portability of Having Your Own Machine

To avoid spending costly trips to the doctor each week for a cold therapy session, buying your cold therapy machine is your best bet. 

It adds convenience, so you can have cold therapy sessions whenever needed. Having a cold therapy machine also benefits you in portability. At OrthoBracing, we are an approved dealer of Breg’s cold therapy products, considered the best in the industry. These easy-to-use tools allow transportability, availability, and affordability to experience the relieving benefits of cryotherapy. 

Cold Therapy Machines With Compression Can Provide More Benefits

Most cold therapy machines provide some sort of compression, active or passive. 

Active compression will insert intermittent modes of compression to mimic the body’s natural muscle contractions. This reduces the area's swelling by increasing blood flow, which delivers oxygen to the injury for faster healing. 

Passive compression can offer the same benefits as active compression, but not as drastically. Most cold therapy machines will offer some sort of passive compression as the pads are filled with water. 

Are There Any Drawbacks to Investing in a Cold Therapy Machine?

The only drawback to cold therapy machines is the potential risk associated with improper use. 

Cold therapy machines will have a detailed instruction guide that explains how to use the device, what to avoid, and how to keep yourself safe. Long exposure times or direct exposure (as some tools require a barrier between the skin and the cold therapy padding) can result in serious risks such as numbness and frostbite. 

By following the outlined manual, you can easily avoid these health risks and enjoy the benefits of cold therapy. 

So…Are Cold Therapy Machines Worth it? Our Opinion on the Matter…

Yes, cold therapy machines are worth it!

If you wish to invest in your health and wellness by reducing pain and speeding up recovery time, then owning your cold therapy machine is in your best interest. With your cold therapy machine, you can access the benefits of cryotherapy anytime and anywhere. 

Whether you wish to reduce inflammation, relieve soreness, recover from an injury faster, or achieve pain relief, a cold therapy machine can do all these things. And having your own can be the best investment for your health in the long run, for an overall better quality of life! 

Cold Therapy Machines are Only Worth it if You Follow This Advice…

If you want to obtain the benefits of using a cold therapy machine, there are factors you need to be aware of first for effective treatment. To find out what they are, keep reading!

Invest in the Only the Best Cold Therapy Machines to Get Your Money’s Worth

If you’re an athlete suffering from a sports injury or if you find yourself frequently suffering from chronic pain, the Breg Polar Care Glacier is an excellent option for you. It can aid you in your recovery process, speeding up healing and reducing pain so you can get back out there!

Are you recovering from a procedure? Rehabbing an injury? Then the Breg Polar Care Kodiak can be beneficial in speeding up healing. The cold compress technology reduces recovery time and pain, offering 6-8 hours of cold circulation therapy. 

The Breg Polar Care Wave uses anatomic wraps that provide compression to decrease narcotic use post-operatively. In addition, it features easy transportation, so you can obtain the benefits of cold therapy wherever you want!

For a simple yet reliable option, the Breg Polar Care Cube features a compact design and 6-8 hours of cold therapy for achievable results after an operation or while rehabbing an injury. This cold therapy machine is best for those experiencing muscular-related conditions, whether it be an injury, inflammation, or pain. 

Optimize Treatment With Accessories to Get the Most Bang For Your Buck

With Breg Polar Care accessories, you can obtain the benefits of cold therapy for different body parts. These reusable tools are an effective method of saving money to have long-lasting products and results! 

These Breg replacement accessories are designed to work exclusively with the Wave, Glacier, Cube, and Kodiak product lines. And at OrthoBracing, we hold a vast selection of Breg’s products so that you can cater your purchase to your select recovery goals. 

Follow Proper Protocol to Maximize Benefits While Minimizing Risks

To maximize the benefits of cold therapy, consult your doctor for a customized protocol for the frequency and length of time to apply cold therapy sessions. In addition, consulting with your doctor is a must to avoid potential health risks if you are recovering from an injury or operation. 

To minimize risks associated with improper cold therapy machine protocol, take the time to read the provided instruction manual properly. The cold therapy machine’s instructions explain how to use the device, what to avoid doing, and how to prevent potential health concerns like skin damage or frostbite. 

For example, our blog posts on how long to use Breg Polar Care Cube and how to use Breg Polar Care Cube for knee use go into detail on how to safely use these powerful cold therapy products. 

Wrapping Things Up…

So, are cold therapy machines worth it? Yes!

Cold therapy machines are an obtainable way to save money, gain access to cryotherapy anywhere, anytime, and open the door to the outstanding benefits of cold therapy. Whether fighting off chronic pain, reducing inflammation, rehabbing an injury, or speeding up recovery, a cold therapy machine can do it all. And at OrthoBracing, we have all the Breg products you need for optimal access to cold therapy whenever and wherever you need it. 

If you want to eliminate long recovery times post-injury or procedure, or simply reduce inflammation and swelling, then Breg’s cold therapy machines are for you!


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