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Great News! Free Standard Shipping for all new customers with orders over $188.00

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How to Clean Donjoy Iceman Machines: Step-by-Step Guide

If you just recently purchased aDonjoy Iceman Clear Machine or theDonjoy Iceman Classic Cold Therapy Unit, having a good grasp on proper Donjoy Iceman cleaning instructions is crucial. This will keep your investment protected while offering a safer, more enjoyable experience as you use the device. 

Whether you lost your cleaning instructions or just want to hear it firsthand from the experts here at Ortho Bracing, you’re in the right place. Below, we’ll cover everything you need to know about how to clean Donjoy Iceman Machines to keep them pristine. You’ll learn how often cleaning Donjoy Iceman machines is necessary along with best practices for getting the job done.

First, let’s touch on why proper Donjoy Iceman Cleaning is so important in the first place -and what can happen if you neglect the proper care guidelines.

Why Cleaning Donjoy Iceman Systems is so Important

You paid a pretty penny for your cold therapy system -it’s only right you do your part to keep it dialed in and protected against the dangers that could arise from a dirty system!

Because your system is constantly exposed to moisture, the risk of bacteria and mold buildup within your system and its tubing is high. Because so many individuals use cold therapy as a post-operation rehab treatment, this could lead to infections -which will set you back dramatically in your recovery window

That’s the last thing you need at this point in your life. You’re using cold therapy because you want to get back on your feet fast, after all. On the other hand, consistent cleaning of your cold therapy machine provides several benefits. 

Firstly, it helps to maintain the effectiveness of the machine. If the machine is not cleaned properly, the buildup of bacteria and other substances can reduce its efficiency, and it may not provide the intended level of cooling. 

Secondly, consistent cleaning can prolong the lifespan of the machine, ensuring that it continues to work effectively for years to come. If you’re using your machine simply to speed up recovery from grueling workouts, this is especially important -you’re not jus using the device for a couple of months and then moving on.

As you can see, cleaning Donjoy Iceman machines goes beyond simple hygiene. It’s paramount from a health and safety standpoint, and it’ll also ensure your machine works as intended for the long haul. Before we actually teach you how to clean Donjoy Iceman machines, let’s talk about cleaning frequency.

How Often Should You Clean the Donjoy Iceman Cold Therapy System?

Do you need to clean your system after each and every use? Or, is this something you can add to your weekly or monthly task list? The included Donjoy Iceman cleaning instructions do say that a quick cleaning should be done after every use. Don’t sweat it though, because this just takes a minute or two at most. We’ll talk more about the specific protocol below.

But, the tricky part here is figuring out the properdeep cleaningfrequency. Every so often, you’ll need to do more than the basic post-treatment cleaning process and actually take the unit apart to scrub it well. The factors that affect how often this should be done are based on your unique circumstances.

For example, how often are you using the unit? It goes without saying that multiple treatment sessions a day will dirty/contaminate the unit more than using the unit just once a day. Similarly, your specific injury/rehab will influence how strict you need to be about deep cleaning. If you’re at a higher risk of infection, you’ll need to take cleaning more seriously.

With all that said, we recommend deep cleanings once a week or every other week depending on usage. And below, we’ll actually walk you through the Donjoy Iceman cleaning instructions.

How to Clean Donjoy Iceman Machines: Step-by-Step Guide

Ready to learn how to clean Donjoy Iceman machines? It’s actually a lot more straightforward than you may assume -so there is no excuse to neglect this task after using your machine:

  1. Unplug the power supply from its electrical outlet. You’re going to be using water around the unit as you clean it, and you don’t want to risk electrical shock or damaging the electric components of your machine. Similarly, make sure your hands are dry before unplugging the system.
  2. Take your cooler over to the sink and empty it completely of its contents. At this point, you’ll want to remove the filter cap and set it aside for its own cleaning later on. For now, we’re focusing on the machine itself. Fill it with hot tap water up to the fill line and add 1-2 tablespoons of bleach.
  3. Put the lid back on the system and move it to a dry area with the pad you used for your treatment connected to the system. With dry hands, plug the unit back in and let it run for 5-10 minutes. This step is the most important as the hot water and bleach work as a dynamic duo to break down and flush out any hard sediment or buildup within your system.
  4. Then, unplug the system and disconnect the cold pad from its hose. You can now drain the cooler and wipe it dry.
  5. You still need to drain the cold pad - so hold it over the sink such that the hose is hanging downwards. Press the buttons at the end of the hose, and allow all the water/bleach to drain out o the cold pad. Note that you won’t be able to completely empty the pad, some water will remain -and that’s perfectly fine.
  6. It’s time to get back to the filter cap we removed in step 2. Run it under warm water while scrubbing it with a gentle, non-abrasive sponge. It’s important to make sure whatever you’re scrubbing it with isn’t going to damage the delicate filter. 
  7. At this point, all the hard work is done - you can make sure the system is dry and then store it in a cool, dry place where it can await its next use!

As you can see, the recommendations betweenDonjoy vs Breg cleaning instructions aren’t too different. If you are curious abouthow to clean Breg Polar Care Cubes, we have a complete guide on the subject. 

Final Thoughts on How to Clean Donjoy Iceman Machines

That wasn’t so bad, was it? Cleaning Donjoy Iceman machines is a necessary task to keep your system running smoothly for as long as possible. And, following the proper Donjoy Iceman cleaning instructions also helps to prevent your risk of infection -which could delay your healing process greatly.You can enjoy peace of mind by just taking the few minutes necessary to care for your device. 

If you want to learn more about harnessing the power of ice machines like Donjoy, explore our blog. You can learnhow long to use Donjoy Iceman,when you should use cold therapy vs heat therapy, and whycold therapy is good for you.

Otherwise, now that you know how to clean theDonjoy Iceman Machine, what are you waiting for? Follow the steps above and get that system squeaky clean fast. And if you’re still in the market for yourDonjoy Products, you can find everything you need here at Ortho Bracing. We’re your trusted source for all things cold therapy and natural rehab/recovery. We haveDonjoy replacement parts,Don Joy knee braces, and a whole lot more.