💥 Great News! New Customers Receive free shipping over $188.99💥

💥 Great News! New Customers Receive free shipping over $188.99💥

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Designed For Use with AirCast IC Cryo Cooler (Catalog #: 25-4882). 


OrthoBracing.com is committed to providing each customer with the highest standard of customer care. For this, we have specific guidelines to ensure proper communication. Our return policy serves to protect the integrity of our products, as well as to provide full transparency to our loyal customers. We understand that our customers expect the products they receive to be compliant and sanitary, and our goal is to meet those expectations.


Individual results will vary when using Cold Therapy. It is strongly suggested that you work with your healthcare provider before making any purchases of medical equipment or supplies. OrthoBracing.com does not provide a warranty or guarantee that a cold therapy product will treat your condition or relieve your symptoms. All cold therapy products have a minimum 30-day warranty. 


Almost all products sold on OrthoBracing.com are available for warranty replacement, if defective. If you have a question about the return eligibility of a particular product please submit a warranty claim form.

We reserve the right to limit multiple requests for warranty replacement on products that are deemed damaged by customer misuse, abuse, or failure to properly maintain the equipment to manufacturers' specifications.


Please email returns@orthobracing.com to initiate a return or exchange to receive an RA# OR simply go to this linkand follow the prompts. 


  • Packages that show delivered via tracking number are not eligible for refunds. We ask that you please check with your neighbors and other occupants before submitting a claim.  Packages can often be recovered or located by the carrier via a claim. Please contact the appropriate carrier to start a claim.  FedEx- 1-800-463-3339; USPS- Local post office phone number; UPS 1-800-742-5877.  If the carrier determines that the package is lost, please contact us with your case number so that we can investigate further and assist you. 


Orders made by mistake (i.e. a left instead of a right, medium instead of a large, Breg Polar Care Cube pad vs. Breg Kodiak Pad, etc.) are eligible for an exchange if the incorrect size or item was ordered.

All items must be in NEW condition to be exchanged (they cannot be used; plastic bag must be sealed for all cold therapy pads). There is no restocking fee but a return shipping fee will apply if OrthoBracing.com is asked to send a return label. Before shipping any product back, you must first obtain an authorization number (RA#) via email at the following address: CS@OrthoBracing.com.

If you have additional questions please contact customer support by phone (704)312-2575 or email cs@orthobracing.com, during normal business hours (9:00am-1pm EST).


To qualify for a return/refund, product(s) must be in the original, UNOPENED, manufacturer's packaging. We cannot accept opened packages, with no exceptions. In the case that a product is sent back to us opened, the possibility of a refund will be void. Orthobracing.com places a label on certain items that are not in sealed packages by the manufacturer for the safety of our customers. Returned items with this label must be intact (not cut) to receive a refund. If this label has been removed or tampered with, the possibility of a refund will be void. 

Returns are accepted if returned within 14-days of delivery, are in NEW / UNUSED condition, are in their original packaging with documentation and the blue security tape is still 100% intact. If all conditions are met, a 25% restocking fee will apply. A restocking fee will apply on all returns, with no exceptions. 

Because cold therapy products come in contact with incisions after orthopedic surgery and use municipal water, we have to make the assumption that once they leave our facility they have been used. We cannot, in good faith, ship this type of merchandise to another patient and have them bear the increased risk of getting an infection. For you as a customer, we want you to know that all cold therapy products coming from our warehouse have not been used by another customer in any manner. All sales final on cold therapy products. Cold therapy machines and pads are not returnable, if there is an issue with performance of your products, you are eligible for a warranty replacement.

Before shipping any product back, you must first obtain an authorization number (RA#) via email at the following address: returns@OrthoBracing.com. The RA# must be written on the packing slip inside the box. Do not write RA# on product boxes and do not put return label on manufacturer’s packaging. Please ship returns in a study box.

OrthoBracing.com will not be responsible for lost return packages. Please provide tracking numbers via email if the sender is shipping back. Otherwise, OrthoBracing will send you a return shipping label and the cost of that shipping will be deducted from the refund. 

Do not refuse the delivery of your order. Refunds will not be issued for refused shipments.

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The below items are NOT ELIGIBLE for return or exchange:

  • Cold Therapy Units
  • Cold Therapy Pads/Wraps
  • Used Braces
  • Sterile dressings and pads
  • Products without original packaging
  • Cervical Traction Devices
  • TENS units
Cold therapy machines and pads are not returnable, if there is an issue with performance of your products, you are eligible for a warranty replacement.

**If you have any questions regarding the refund policies, please contact cs@orthobracing.com. **


Return/exchange form


All shipping is performed Monday - Friday and does not include federal holidays and/or major carrier holiday schedules. 

We offer free shipping on all orders over $188.00 and on select items, within the continental USA (48 states), and offer a standard flat rate of $9.99 for orders less than $188.00

Ground and expedited orders from OrthoBracing.com are shipped by UPS, USPS, or FedEx. Please be certain to provide the billing address at the time of checkout that matches the billing address on file at the credit card issuing bank. Packages can be shipped to a different address.  The billing address must match the credit card address or the credit card will likely be declined. Please contact CS@orthobracing.com for any clarification or assistance with this.

*OrthoBracing.com is not responsible for theft or loss of items once delivered to your address confirmed by the carrier.*

"Overnight", "Next Day Air", and "2nd Day Air" refer to BUSINESS DAYS only (Monday - Friday). Therefore, a Next-Day Air order placed on Thursday can be received on Friday. Likewise, a Next-Day Air order placed on Friday can be received on Monday. A 2nd Day Air orders placed on Thursday would arrive on Monday, whereas a 3-Day Select order would arrive on Tuesday if ordered on Thursday. If a holiday occurs during the shipping period, then the shipment will be delayed by one business day. UPS and FedEx do not move packages on holidays.

"Next Day Air Saturday Delivery": We do not quote the cost for this service because it's not available in all areas of the country. There is a large increase in the cost to send packages for Saturday delivery. If it's Friday and you are in need of a Saturday delivery, please e-mail us at CS@orthobracing.com so that we may confirm if Saturday delivery is possible in your area. We can also inform you of the cost of this service.


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 * OrthoBracing.com’s choice for shipping method ie USPS, FedEx, UPS.


  • Free shipping offers apply to Standard Ground Shipping within the Continental U.S. only.
  • If Expedited shipping is needed, charges still apply.
  • OrthoBracing.com’s special offers may not be combined with any previously placed orders.


  • Orders placed by 12 noon EST will generally ship the same day or next-day depending on the product and warehouse location, pending credit approval and inventory status. Customers needing delivery to arrive by a certain date should choose an expedited shipping method.
  • Orders are processed and shipped with priority given to overnight, 2nd-day air and 3-day select orders. Ground orders are shipped as soon as possible but may be delayed due to inventory status.
  • Eastern Standard Time is used when placing and shipping orders.
  • The customer is responsible for all return shipping charges when returning an item for an exchange or for a return. See Return Policy for determining if a product is eligible for exchange or return. 


If a package is damaged, the customer is asked to notify OrthoBracing.com in order to file a damage claim with the carrier.  We will then send out a replacement item for the original.  Notification of shipment damage cannot be used to cancel an order altogether.

If you have any questions regarding these policies, please contact us (704) 312-2575 

Shipping Refund Request:

Shipping Refund Request Form 

About Us

Our mission is to deliver quality products through our nearly two decades in healthcare. With the opioid epidemic raging, our products provide a unique way for customers to deal with their pain and rehabilitation. We've seen the positive effects our products make on the lives of our customers and we are excited to serve you. 

Having someone who knows the ins-and-outs of surgery is important when you are deciding where to purchase your recovery products. We have seen these products work first hand, we weeded out the 100s of products that do not work and we concentrate on the ones that really provide benefit. We have also invested in developing resources to educate you on the pros and cons of the products. We offer same day shipping on a vast majority of our products that we warehouse here in Charlotte, North Carolina. We know that you need your recovery items fast, communication to be clear and we work tirelessly to delivery you great customer service.

Family and small business...

When you can work with your family it blurs the line between having fun and work. Eve (4)  is our consummate helper with small boxes. Henson (6) loves to measure boxes, stack them, and occasionally build forts. Jordan is the analyzer and numbers guy. I am an attorney by training, photography lover by choice and all around level-headed problem fixer. 

Mary Grace is our absolute all-star at OrthoBracing.com! Customers love her, she has an amazing Spotify play list and she brings lots of laughter (and the occasional British accent) to the office. We are so lucky to have her work alongside us as this business serves more and more people. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 224 reviews
Kevin Callahan
Double check the connections

My Don Joy ice machine worked well after my LTKR. I previously had an older version of the same machine that a friend gave me for my RTKR. I have to say it seemed like the connectors between the knee pad and tubing were better on the older version. The newer one occasionally popped off even after I had securely attached the connectors. So watch out for that while using as the icy water flow to the pad stops when a connector is not attached.

Bill Brown
Ice Machine

Great therapy machine. I am 12 weeks post knee replacement surgery. I use my ice machine at 2 times per day for 30 minutes. Amazing what it has done for the swelling post surgery. It works when follow your PT’s advice. Oh by the way I have reached 145 degrees knee bend!

Excellent Service + Great Product

(1) SERVICE: my interaction with Jordan, Stacy, and others has been friendly, respectful, efficient, professional, responsive in communication, quick shipping. Couldn't ask for better.

(2) PRODUCT: I have only been using the Iceman for 1 week (daily) so cannot yet speak to its durability. However so far I love it! The ice water coursing through the pad on my ache-y knee is wonderful. I am not using it post-surgery, like many. I am 64 and have chronic ache-y and twinge-y pain in my right knee (& s.t. left knee) due to a torn meniscus (already scoped once) and arthritis. So I'm using it as needed for pain, or after working out, skiing, etc. and exertion. I'm totally jazzed to have this machine to use on my bum knee and whatever other vintage 1960 parts go bad on me moving ahead.

(3) TIPS: (1) instead of using ice, use 4-5 small plastic water bottles of frozen water. (They are better than re-freezable gel packs which could leak gel if they have tears). The ice--being bigger--lasts longer than cubes--I've found it stays sufficiently cold for hours; and you can have another set of bottles in the freezer so you can switch out as needed. (2) Unless you really need the extra length, the REGULAR length hose on the universal pad is sufficient (I bought the extended hose and it turns out to be overkill for me); (3) Be sure to place the Iceman unit on a stable surface and pay attention as you shift around when the pad is on you. I did not pay attention at one point and, in shifting my position in bed, (with the hose attached to the pad on my knee) I pulled the Iceman off it's stand. Leave a little slack in the hose and just be aware, as I wasn't.

(One thing I wish this very simple (but effective) unit had is an On/Off switch. Not a big deal, but it means that you have to plug in/plug out--either at the machine or the outlet--to turn the pump on and off vs. just flicking a switch. A rather strange omission in the design.)

All in all I'm a very happy camper and pleased to have this great device to ease the pain and speed the healing as needed. Thank you!

Not Feasible for Some People

I really wanted to enjoy the DonJoy Iceman Clear3 Universal XL, but it was not feasible for me, and I regret purchasing it. I purchased the machine after foot surgery (not for a bunion) hoping that it would make it easier to keep my foot iced to reduce the swelling. It wound up being more bother than my refillable ice-cold pack. Here is why: 1) You need a LOT of ice. Like at least the entire bag of ice if you were to purchase ice from the grocery store. And I have a fridge that makes ice cubes, but to fill the container up to the recommended line required ALL the ice cubes in my ice drawer. This essentially meant that I could only use it once a day (since it takes 24 hours to replenish the ice drawer), 2) It is HEAVY once it is filled and awkward to bring from one room to the other. So, if you are like me and non-weightbearing for the next several weeks, you will need a helper to take it from the ice source to wherever you are going to be sitting when you are icing, and 3) It never really got cold enough. This part I could not understand since the entire container was filled with ice. My cheap refillable ice-cold pack stayed cold longer than the IceMan. I wound up abandoning the IceMan and going back to using my refillable ice-cold pack. The website does a good job warning you that the IceMans are not returnable. But I was so certain this was going to be perfect for my condition that I did not think I would regret making the purchase. I am really curious to know how people have so much ice available. I think if I had a commercial ice maker that would have worked. Maybe people are purchasing 2 bags of ice from the 7/11 everyday?

JM, very soory to hear about your challenges during recovery. You are certainly right about the amount of ice these machines require. We offer refillable/reusable bags that you can rotate in and our during the day. The bags work great to keep the water cool and your freezer will not be working overtime trying to product the cubes. You are also rigth about it being heavy, especially when you are non-weight bearing. The bags can alleaviate some of that because when the ice melts in the bags you do not have to empty out the machine (i.e. walk to the sink, dump out the canister, refill with ice cubes, etc.).

After the Easter Holiday, we will send you a 12 pack of the reusable bags -- on us. Let us know if that helps mitigate some of the downside of not being ambulatory.

Customer Success Team

Carol Johnston

I've only had the unit two days but now can't live without it. What impresses me the most is how quite it is. I've had machines in the past similar but they were very noisy and expensive.