Aircast® Cryo Cuff Replacement Wraps


  • The Aircast® Cryo Cuff Replacement Wraps are designed for and easily connects to either the Cryo Cuff I/C Motorized Cooler or the Cryo Cuff Gravity Therapy Unit.  The Knee Cryo Cuff helps to minimize hemarthrosis, swelling and reduces pain. Anatomically designed to completely fit the knee. 

    • Anatomic cuff design for complete coverage of the affected area
    • Measured compression for patient comfort
    • Controlled cold eliminates the risk of tissue damage
    • Detachable cooler allows for uninterrupted treatment
    • Sizes for both adult and pediatric patients


    Aircast Cryo Cuff Sizes  
    Part # Description Measurement
    11C01 Small Knee Cryo Cuff 10" - 19"
    11A01 Medium Knee Cryo Cuff 18"- 23"
    11B01 Large Knee Cryo Cuff 20"- 31"
    13A01 Large Thigh Cryo Cuff 17" - 23"
    13B01 XL Thigh Cuff Cryo Cuff 20" - 27"
    10C01 Medium Foot Cryo Cuff 9"- 13"
    10B01 Large Foot Cryo Cuff 10" - 17"
    12A01 Universal Shoulder Cryo Cuff 32"- 48"
    12AXL01 Universal Shoulder Cryo Cuff w/ XL Strap 42" - 54"






      Customer Reviews

      Based on 49 reviews
      Ginger Epstein
      Knee cryocuff

      Great! have a shoulder one and the knee is just as good quality

      Frank Stiles
      Air cast

      I had knee replacement surgery 6 weeks ago the knee cast gives me pain relief and helps keep swelling down. I spend a lot of time using it it's super easy to use. The only bad thing I have to say is it needs longer tubing.

      Linda Swan
      Pain Relief

      Thank you so much for this product. Love this! This is so much better than an ice pack. They tend to not stay cold long enough, they break and this cooler just makes it easier. This doesn't leave you wet if the ice pack breaks. The knee pad covers more of an area than an ice pack and it stays put. I don't need two ice packs one for each side of the knee. It stays where you put it. This is so much more convenient. We also bought the hip pad, I'm having a total RT hip replacement in February.

      R M
      Cold Relief!

      I bought the aircast system for my knee surgery many years ago, and now I am using it for my rotator cuff surgery on my shoulder. The relief is almost instantaneous with the pressure and the cold.

      Took a little practice but it is not difficult to master putting the shoulder pad on with just one hand.

      The best part as you can use it with or without power. It works as gravity fed by lifting it I'm dropping it periodically to exchange the water.

      The best part; it was less than 1/3 the price renting think it's there a similar product from the doctor's office. And the support staff at aircast is wonderful. I had a problem with my knee pad having sprung a leak and they shipped one out overnight at no cost to me so that I did not have to suffer during my recovery.

      Elaine Walser-Clark
      Best OrthoBracing System Ever

      Originally got Aircast due to knee replacement surgery. Came with the knee accessory. My spouse had rotator cuff repair six months before. Then I had a recurrence of a tendon injury to my foot. We decided to get the shoulder and foot accessories. Foot cleared up in record time! Spouse can use shoulder acc anytime non-repaired shoulder acts up.
      So easy to use! One suggestion: Forget ice in it! Get 2 Yeti small ice "cubes" (they have sm & lg; lg doesn't fit) at any sporting goods or hardware store (about $20/ea). They are easy to switch out and stay colder than ice for up to 8 hiurs. Can switch them out so you always have a frozen one. No mess and keeps circulating water very cold.
      I definitely recommend the Aircast system.