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Exos FORM™ II 626

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  • Exos FORM™ II 626

    The Exos FORM™ II 626 brace helps to relieve lower back pain and provides superior sagittal control and support. Designed with ComfortCORE™ Foam that contours to your body, Diamond2 Grid™ construct for a more durable and longer-wearing brace, and BOA® technology's advanced closure system, this brace holds you up by reshaping form, fit and function.

    Product Features

    • COMFORTCORE™ FOAM Contours uniquely to patient's body, adjusting instantly to movements to deliver improved patient support and comfort.
    • BOA® TECHNOLOGY Provides both superior and inferior compression through an innovative closure system by clicking dials to satisfaction. Provides ease of movement for those with dexterity issues.
    • DIAMOND2 GRID MATERIAL Improved durability to prolong use of brace.
    • LORDOTIC INSERTS Inserts provide additional stabilization and rigidity to ensure support.
    • MATERIALS Nylon, Polyethylene, Polyester, Stainless Steel, Thermoplastic, Carbon Steel


    1. Loosen brace by pulling out on both Boa knobs to release Boa lace and pull Rear Panel section in opposite directions.

    2. Apply the brace by centering the Rear Panel section on your back, and then wrapping the Belt Wings around your waist.

    3. Wrap Donning Mitt section over front wing section.

    4. Before tightening the brace, make sure the rear panel section is positioned evenly on both sides of you.

    5. To tighten the brace, push in on both Boa knobs and turn Boa knobs clockwise. 


    Measurement is taken in Waist Circumference

    Measurement Small/Medium Large/X-Large
    Inches 28 - 50 51 - 61
    Centimeters 71 - 127 130 - 155


    Handwash in cold water using mild soap. Air dry. If not rinsed thoroughly, residual soap may cause irritation and deteriorate material.

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