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Great News! Free Standard Shipping for all new customers with orders over $188.00

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Breg Wave vs Game Ready Cold Therapy Systems: Which is Better and Why?

breg wave vs game ready

When it comes to your post-injury or post-operative recovery, a cold therapy unit can make a world of difference. By reducing inflammation and swelling and providing you with some much-needed pain relief, cold therapy can help you get back on your feet quickly and safely.

Within the cold therapy world, there are many different systems to choose from. It can be hard to wrap your head around the different features of each model, the pros and cons of different brands, and the price points of each unit.

Today, we’ll make it easier by comparing the Breg Wave vs Game Ready cold therapy units - two of the most popular options out there. We’ll explore their similarities and differences, helping you find the best cold therapy solution for your unique needs.

While both are great choices, you’re about to learn why we think the Breg Polar Care Wave cold therapy system is as good as the Game Ready, for a fraction of the price!

The Role of Cold Therapy in Your Healing Process

Before we start comparing the Breg Wave vs Game Ready, let’s take a step back. What is a cold therapy unitDoes ice therapy work, really, and is cold therapy  good for you? In short, yes. It’s a great addition to your rehab or recovery program. 

Cold therapy can play a pivotal role in the recovery and healing process for a range of injuries, surgeries, and conditions. By harnessing the power of controlled cold temperatures, these therapy systems offer many different benefits. 

First and foremost, cold therapy helps mitigate pain and swelling after surgery by constricting blood vessels and reducing blood flow. Many people use cold therapy for inflammation, which reduces pain and promotes quicker healing by facilitating improved circulation and tissue repair.

So, are cold therapy machines worth it? Absolutely. The best cold therapy machine can make your recovery much more comfortable, and speed up your healing journey to get you back to your best before you know it. 

What is the Difference Between Game Ready and Breg Polar Care Wave?

So, let’s start our comparison of the Breg Wave vs Game Ready cold therapy systems by discussing the difference between these two popular cold therapy machines.

What is the Breg Wave Cold Therapy System?

The Breg Polar Care Wave system is a revolutionary cold therapy system and part of Breg’s third generation of cold therapy solutions. This unit uses cutting-edge technology to combine controlled cold therapy with intermittent compression therapy. 

Ideal for post-op recovery and pain management, there are a number of innovative compression pads for the Breg Wave, suitable for shoulders, knees, hips, ankles, and more. Portable and quiet, this cold therapy unit is a total game-changer for in-home rehab and recovery. 

What is the Game Ready Cold Therapy System?

Like the Breg Wave, the Game Ready cold therapy system also combines cold and compression therapy. It comes with a range of wraps for different body parts, just like the Breg Wave. 

In short, there aren’t too many differences between the Breg Wave vs Game Ready systems, apart from the price tag. So, which is better for you, and is the Game Ready really worth the cost compared to more affordable Game Ready ice machine alternatives? Let’s take a look.

Breg Wave vs Game Ready Cold Therapy Systems: Which is Better and Why?

When choosing a cold therapy unit, there are several different factors to keep in mind. Let’s take a look at each of these factors, and how the Breg Wave vs Game Ready cold therapy systems stack up. 

Key Features and Capabilities

In terms of features, the Breg Wave vs Game Ready systems are very similar. Both offer cold therapy with intermittent compression therapy, and come with pads designed to fit on key body parts. 

Functionally, the two units are very similar, though the Game Ready does have some additional settings on the (admittedly confusing) interface. You can create pre-set programs and sleep timers, while the Breg Wave simply allows you to adjust the temperature and compression levels.

Use Cases

Both systems are ideal for patients recovering from a range of orthopedic surgeries, or for rehabilitating injuries at home. Both are popular with physical therapists and clinicians, and are used in orthopedic clinics across the country. 

The Game Ready’s technology means that it offers slightly cooler temperatures than the Breg Wave, which makes it preferred by some physical therapists, athletic trainers, elite athletes, pro sports teams, and even special military forces. 

Value for the Money

This is the main difference between the Breg Wave vs Game Ready cold therapy units. The Breg Polar Care Wave is available here at Ortho Bracing for under $300, while the Game Ready Pro 2.1 costs a staggering $3,000. 

Although investing in your health is important, it’s impossible to ignore the 10x price difference between these two machines. And, when comparing the Breg Wave vs Game Ready systems, it’s hard to justify the Game Ready unit being 10x better…

Durability and Longevity

Both units are designed to last, and come with manufacturer warranties for added peace of mind. The Game Ready unit comes with a two-year warranty, with a one-year warranty for the pads. The Breg Wave comes with a six-month warranty for both the unit and the pads.

Brand Support

Although it’s unlikely you would have to directly deal with the manufacturer, both Game Ready and Breg offer great customer care. Their websites are easy to navigate, there’s a wealth of information and user guides, and helpful videos to get you started. 

It’s more likely that you will deal with the retailer you purchase the unit through, so their customer care is important to assess when deciding where to buy a cold therapy machine

So, Should You Invest in the Breg Wave or the Game Ready?

At the end of the day, it’s hard to justify the cost of the Game Ready if you’re looking for a cold therapy unit for at-home use. If you’re recovering from orthopedic surgery or rehabbing an injury on the couch, the Breg Wave will be an incredible addition to your routine.

If you’re a pro athlete or plan on using a cold therapy system every day for the rest of your life, maybe the Game Ready is worth the extra cost. It offers slightly colder temperatures and has some advanced programming settings, but it doesn’t do much that the Breg Wave can’t handle. 

Shop the Breg Wave and Other Great Healing Modalities at Ortho Bracing!

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We can help you weigh up Donjoy vs Breg vs Game Ready, explain how long to use an ice machine after knee surgery, discuss cold therapy vs heat therapy, and help you understand whether your ice therapy machine is covered by insurance

Don’t hesitate to reach out - we’d love to hear from you! 

Closing Thoughts on Breg Wave vs Game Ready

Hopefully, we’ve been able to shed some light on the Game Ready vs Breg Wave cold therapy units for you. For most people, the Breg Wave is a great system for at-home rehab and recovery, and has all the features you need to enjoy the full effects of cold therapy.

You can find this machine, and other Breg products like the Breg Polar Care  Glacier ice machineBreg Polar Care Kodiak ice machine, and Breg Polar Care  Cube ice machine, right here at Ortho Bracing.

As well as the lowest prices on cold therapy systems, we also have all the pads and add-ons you’ll need, including Breg Polar Care Cube accessoriesBreg Polar Care accessoriesBreg Polar Care Kodiak accessoriesBreg Polar Care Wave accessories, and Breg Knee Braces

Not sure what you’re looking for? Reach out! We’re here around the clock and would love to help you on your healing journey. 

Invest in quality cold therapy without breaking the bank. Start healing with your Breg Wave from Ortho Bracing today!