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What is a Cold Therapy Unit? How These Machines Speed Up the Healing Process

What is cold therapy? And what is a cold therapy machine? These are important questions to find answers to if you’re determined to speed up the healing process for injuries, post-operative rehabilitation, or promote better athletic performance. 

Cold therapy is a form of has been used for much longer than most people would initially expect. And once you discover the benefits it has to offer, you’ll see why. We’ll cover all this and more below - including the best method to receive this miraculous form of therapy:through your own cold therapy unit.

What is Cold Therapy?

So, what is cold therapy? It’s exactly what it sounds like - you expose your body to very cold temperatures to evoke a healing response. This life-changing treatment that can aids in post-operative recovery, injury rehabilitation, and performance enhancements. We’ll explain how exactly this treatment works below. But before we dive into that, let’s look into the origins of cold therapy. 

The Origins of Cold Therapy

Cold therapy has been used in ancient medicine far longer than most people realize. The first recording of such treatment is shown in the Edwin Smith Papyrus, a text estimated to date back to origins near 3,500 BC. 

Cold therapy has beenproven as a long-term tool for centuries. Once upon a time, ancient Greeks used cold water therapy for socialization and relaxation, and in 4 BC, Hippocrates documented the use of cold for analgesic and medicinal benefits. It’s come a long way since then. Before we explain what specific goals cold therapy can help you accomplish, let’s get into the science of how it actually works.

How it Works & What it Does

Cold therapy, also called cryotherapy, reduces blood flow circulation to a targeted area, effectively reducing inflammation and pain associated with the site. In contrast to heat which opens up the blood vessels, cold restricts circulation in the blood vessels. By doing this, inflammation is effectively reduced, which is necessary to reduce swelling and pain associated with the injury, which can help speed up recovery. 

What is Cold Therapy Used For?

Want to know what is cold therapy used for orwhen to use cold therapy for the best benefits? We’ve got the details below on how to get the most out of cryotherapy yourself. The most common use for this treatment is after surgery. Here’s why…

Post-Operative Recovery

Cold therapy is frequently used for quick and easy pain management during post-operative recovery. The restriction of blood flow assists in reducing inflammation and swelling to speed up the healing process. 

Injury Rehabilitation 

Similar to post-operative recovery, cold therapy is also used for injury rehabilitation. For example, if you’ve ever suffered from a sprain, you’ll know the first thing to help reduce the swelling is applying an ice pack (an easy-access home tool that performs cold therapy). 

Cryotherapy is an effective tool for injury rehabilitation proven in science-backedstudies to reduce edema, muscle spasms, enzymatic activity, inflammation, tissue metabolism, hematoma formation, and pain. To summarize, cold therapy is an impactful recovery and pain management tool that should not be overlooked. 

Performance Enhancement

Cold therapy can do much more than heal injuries. It is progressively becoming more widely used by athletes to enhance performance! 

You’ll notice that many athletes partake in ice baths and cold plunges for full-body immersion. Athletes used cold therapy to boost energy levels and the immune system, helping to lift the mood for the ultimate pre-workout tool to improve athletic performance.

But with a cold therapy unit, you can target the effects of cryotherapy to specific regions on your body - like your legs, knees, shoulders, you name it. Let’s talk more about what exactly a cold therapy unit is below.

What is a Cold Therapy Unit You Can Use to Experience These Benefits With Yourself?

What is a cold therapy machine, andare cold therapy machines worth it? Yes, they are! Cold therapy machines outperform everyday household items used for cold therapy, like ice packs and frozen peas, providing customized treatment to targeted body parts for efficient cryotherapy application.

Want to know the best cold therapy unit for your goals? First, read ourDonjoy vs Breg post to decipher the significant differences between these cold therapy units and how they can work best for you. Then, check out the recommended cold therapy units below to get started reaping the benefits of cold therapy for yourself! 

Breg Cold Therapy Devices

For the utmost care and quality when applying cryotherapy, Breg cold therapy devices are the ticket!

If you’re suffering from chronic pain or recovering from a sports-related injury,Breg Polar Care Glacier can help with quick and easy cold therapy treatment. Whether suffering from chronic pain or a post-operative procedure in the shoulder, hip, or knee,Breg Polar Care Kodiak offers customized designs to shape perfectly around these body parts for the most effective treatment and pain management. 

Are you looking for a cold therapy unit that also provides pain-relieving compression? ThenBreg Polar Care Wave is the product for you! For a simple alternative,Breg Polar Care Cube features a compact design for transportation so you can access cold therapy whenever and wherever you need it. 

To get the most out of your Bred cold therapy devices, we’ve got loads of helpful information and step-by-step guides. You can learn aboutcleaning Breg Polar Care Cubes,how long to use Breg Polar Care Cube, andhow to use Breg Polar Care Cube to get the most out of cold therapy treatment! 

DonJoy Cold Therapy Devices

If you want to reduce post-operative pain and swelling, theDonJoy Iceman Machine performs DonJoy’s patented semi-closed loop circulations system to maintain accurate and consistent temperatures for the utmost cold therapy application. 

Utilizing DonJoy’s recirculation technology, theDonJoy Iceman Classic helps to speed up rehabilitation by reducing pain and swelling with the benefits of cold therapy. The recirculation technology delivers consistent cryotherapy to eliminate freezing inlet temperatures. 

AirCast Cold Therapy Devices

TheAirCast Cryo Cuff Knee System can do wonders in demoting pain, swelling, and inflammation for those suffering from an injury, whether on the back, shoulder, or knee. This cold therapy unit pairs cold therapy and intermittent compression for an unbeatable recovery tool for a speedy healing process and effective pain management.

Additional Tips for Getting Started With Cold Therapy

Before beginning cold therapy, consult your doctor to avoid potential risks. Cold therapy is not safe for all individuals. For example, if you have poor circulation or diabetes, cold therapy is not ideal as it can result in nerve damage. 

Consulting with a medical professional before beginning cold therapy can help cater treatment to your specific needs, whether it be an injury or chronic pain. Your doctor will recommend a length of time and frequency for cold therapy treatment for the best progress for your goals. 

Wrapping Up Our Beginner’s Guide to Cold Therapy Machines

In this article, we went over what a cold therapy unit is and how it can help you alleviate pain, swelling, and inflammation. Cold therapy has been used for centuries to promote healing and obtain its therapeutic benefits, so why shouldn’t you? 

Cold therapy is the way to go, whether recovering from an injury, addressing chronic pain, or improving athletic performance. With a cold therapy machine, you can get the most effective application of cryotherapy for the best results possible. 

Our cold therapy machines ship the same day, so you can get started receiving the outstanding benefits of cryotherapy today!

At Ortho Bracing, we have a variety Cold Therapy Machines and other recovery products including:

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