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Great News! Free Standard Shipping for all new customers with orders over $188.00

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The Definitive Guide to Breg Polar Care Wave Systems

Are you questioning whether the Breg Polar Care Wave Cold Therapy System actually reduces pain, swelling and discomfort like it claims? We’re here to tell you this is not a drill!

But we don’t expect you to take our word for it without first understanding cold therapy’s benefits and healing powers.

Learning about cold therapy and how the Breg Polar Care Wave operates is sure to introduce you to a pain-free path of accelerated recovery!

Quick Takeaways

  • 25% of American adults suffer physical discomfort associated with chronic pain
  • Cold therapy is known as the easiest way to reduce pain and promote healing without prescription drugs
  • The Polar Care Wave is simple, compact and ideal for receiving combined benefits of motorized cold therapy and active compression

The Breg Polar Care Wave cold therapy unit makes pain relief, comfort and accelerated recovery easily accessible as one of the best tools to aid in healing.

Why Choose Cold Therapy?

Every year, 25% of American adults struggle through the symptoms of chronic pain. It’s likely that many of them don’t know how easy it is to relieve discomfort with the use of a cold therapy unit.

If you aren’t familiar with cold therapy, also known as cryotherapy, and its benefits, the most important thing to understand is this: cold therapy is known as the easiest way to reduce pain and promote healing without prescription drugs.

Healing with the help of cold therapy means applying ice to an injured area to:

  • Decrease circulation to the area
  • Interrupt discomfort and swelling
  • Relieve pain

By limiting pain and inflammation, you give your body the opportunity to focus on getting better.

In addition to accelerated healing and newfound comfort, cold therapy is also great for:

  • Speeding up metabolism
  • Soothing sore muscles
  • Improving sleep quality
  • Heightening focus
  • Strengthening immune system

Clearly, there are many aspects of cold therapy that can help reduce discomfort and improve your quality of life.

Types of Cold Therapy

Cold therapy refers to the application of ice to an injured area to promote cell regrowth and decrease pressure on nerve endings, ultimately relieving swelling and pain. 

Several modern methods of healing with cold therapy have been introduced since its original development in 400 BC.

Homemade Ice Pack


Made with ice cubes, a zip-lock bag and a towel to act as a barrier between ice and skin, this is one of the most common methods of cold therapy. When you need relief in a pinch, a bag of frozen peas can always help.

Coolant Sprays

Cramer cold spray for injury relief

A coolant spray provides topical pain relief and can be used anywhere. Fast-acting and convenient, coolant sprays are a cost effective way to provide short-term pain relief.

Icy Bath

 ice bath cold therapy for pain relief

Taking an icy bath is another well known method of cold therapy. Although, cold baths can become uncomfortable and must be timed appropriately to avoid staying submerged for too long.

Cold Therapy Machine

Cold therapy machines work by circulating water through an ice reservoir that connects to a wrap, providing benefits of both compression and cold therapy.

Although more costly than other methods, a cold therapy unit provides targeted pressure and therapeutic cold to aid in your healing process.

Breg’s Polar Care Wave

As one of the best cold therapy machines on the market, Breg’s Polar Care Wave is ideal for healing in any scenario.

Breg cold therapy machine

The Polar Care Wave is simple and compact, making it ideal for both facility and at-home use. Easily transport this unit from physical therapy to the athletic training room to benefit from its combined motorized cold therapy and active compression.

Breg Wave Cold Compression Ice Machine

This machine delivers ice water through cold compression pads specifically designed for different body parts and maximizing the healing process. Simply connect the pads to the wave unit to benefit from cold therapy.

The Polar Care Wave is designed to reduce pain and accelerate each patient’s healing process while providing ultimate comfort. Not only that, but motorized cold therapy and compression devices have been proven to decrease narcotic use post-operatively.

Intended Use

The Polar Care Wave cold therapy unit is ideal for treating edema, swelling and pain associated with post-surgical and acute injuries. This unit is intended to be used at home, in hospitals, outpatient clinics and athletic training settings.

Before implementing any new healing method, it’s important to receive approval from your healthcare provider. Enjoy the video below to learn more about the simple, effective use of the Polar Care Wave System!


breg polar care wave Video


Features and Benefits

This machine’s intentional features, benefits and design are what make it one of the most effective and affordable healing options.


  • Single patient use facility-to-home unit
  • Remarkably easy to operate
  • No additional barrier needed
  • Ice bag accessory available for an easier way to refill system


  • Varied levels of cold + compression settings
  • Y-adapter for bilateral usage
  • Multiple pad configurations


  • The compact design facilitates transport
  • The system alone and system/pad combos available
  • Hose-management storage system
  • Whisper quiet pump technology encourages rest and recovery


  • High-quality Breg Cold Compression Pads
  • Class II 510(k) clearance

With simple operation, customizable cold and compression settings and convenient portability, the Breg Polar Care Wave makes healing with cold therapy easy.

Accelerate Your Healing

The Breg Polar Care Wave is the perfect example of how cold therapy is one of the most simple, effective and healthy ways to recover from injury.

By deeming cold therapy as your main method of healing, you can reduce pain, inflammation and overall discomfort without the risk associated with prescription medication.

Start your healing journey today and visit for all of the tools and advice you’ll need along the way!