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DonJoy Iceman Clear 3 Instructions


DonJoy Iceman Clear3 with Universal Pad


It’s no wonder that DonJoy Iceman sales are on the rise as cold therapy machines become more popular as a method of recovery from postoperative and accidental injury.

Cold therapy units are prescribed daily to patients in need of accelerated healing and pain relief, and you too can reap the benefits!

The DonJoy Iceman Clear3 Cold Therapy unit provides easy, comfortable wear to anyone interested in an effective, natural healing method.

Key Takeaways

  • Cold therapy reduces postoperative opioid use by offering a safer alternative for pain management
  • DonJoy has over 20 years of experience in delivering high performing, industry leading cold therapy systems
  • The Iceman Clear3 Machine uses cold therapy to reduce patients’ post-injury pain and speed up the recovery process

Postoperative use of the DonJoy Iceman Clear3 Cold Therapy Unit means safely and effectively reducing pain and inflammation with a brand that cares about its community.

Why Recover With Cold Therapy?

Cryotherapy, also known as ice therapy or cold therapy, refers to the application of cold to an injured area to reduce pain and inflammation.

Cold therapy machines are specifically designed to deliver consistent cold temperature and deep-tissue penetration to affected areas in need of healing.

This healing method is recommended by healthcare professionals all over the world to help patients recover from a range of injuries, including:

  • Muscle strains
  • Postoperative care
  • Chronic pain
  • Arthritis

Not only does cold therapy aid in accelerated recovery but can also replace postoperative opioid use. Cold therapy provides a numbing effect by slowing nerve pain signals and offers a safer alternative for pain management.

Although, there are certain cases that should steer clear of cold therapy, including those experiencing:

  • Diabetes
  • Vasospastic diseases
  • Cold hypersensitivity
  • Compromised local circulation

Remember, it’s important to consult your healthcare provider and receive approval from your doctor before trying any new healing method.

About DonJoy

In 1978, Philadelphia Eagles’ offensive lineman captain, Mark Nordquist, and lawyer, Ken Reed, founded DonJoy to provide the market with simple support sleeves for athletes.

Today, the company enables all types of people to live their lives to the fullest by offering intelligent medical devices and services from injury prevention to rehabilitation.

DonJoy has proven its dedication to high performing technology with over 20 years of experience delivering industry leading cold therapy systems.

The brand continues to encourage customer interaction and develops its products through direct feedback to ensure a quick and comfortable healing experience for users.

The Iceman Clear3 Cold Therapy Unit

As one of the most dependable methods of healing, accelerated recovery is effortless with a cold therapy machine by your side.

The Iceman Clear3 Machine provides the healing benefits of cold therapy to reduce patients’ post-operative pain and provide comfort during the rehabilitation process.


Donjoy’s advanced technology has made this cold therapy unit one of the most efficient.

loop recirculation system

The Iceman Clear3’s patented semi-closed loop recirculation system promises consistent cold therapy throughout the wearable cold pad.

Not only does this eliminate the possibility for freezing temperatures but also enables a proper healing process.


DonJoy’s cold therapy unit has a complete line of body-part specific wraps designed for post-surgical and post-injury use.

cold therapy wraps

These non-sterile wrap-on pads effectively deliver cold to different parts of the body and come with a strap to comfortably secure the wrap around the affected area.

To enjoy the wrap’s contoured fit and comfort, simply snap-connect the Clear3 pad to the cold therapy system’s hose.

DonJoy’s wrap-on pads are designed to be used in conjunction with a barrier to protect the skin from damage and irritation and should only be used with approval from your healthcare provider.

Patient Convenience

The Iceman Clear3 is specifically designed for ease of use by patients and caregivers.

Donjoy Patient Convenience

This cold therapy machine’s clear cooler design effortlessly indicates the ice level and lets patients know when it’s time to refill. Simply connect the hose to one of DonJoy’s cold pads and comfortably rest the hose on its integrated stirrup.

The Iceman Clear3 is also one of the most compact on the market, making it one of the best for travel and storage. This feature is ideal for traveling to and from athletic training or physical therapy.

DonJoy Iceman Clear 3 Instructions

  1. Add ice to the fill-line inside the device.
  2. Add cold water to the fill-line.
  3. Place the lid on the device making sure the lip inserts in the groove. Then press the front of the lid down to close and secure.
  4. Connect the IceMan® CLEAR3 hose to the cold pad hose. To ensure a reliable connection, “snap” or “click” hoses together into place so that the fit is tight and snug.
  5. To turn the device on, insert cord into the connection port on the back of the device and plug the power supply into the wall outlet.

For a step by step visual explanation of how to enjoy the healing benefits of DonJoy’s Iceman Clear3 Cold Therapy Unit, watch the instructional video linked below.

DonJoy Instructions

Recover Comfortably With OrthoBracing

The DonJoy IceMan Clear3 Cold Therapy Machine is technologically advanced, easy to use and guaranteed to reduce pain and inflammation.

As one of the most convenient and affordable cold therapy options, this unit has proved its ability to increase comfort and accelerate recovery of injured patients.

Enjoy the benefits of DonJoy’s cold therapy unit and learn more about the rehabilitation process today at orthobracing.com!

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