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Breg Polar Care Cube Troubleshooting: Getting Your Ice Therapy Machine Back Up and Running

breg polar care cube troubleshooting

When you’re rehabbing an injury, any setback can feel like the end of the world, including issues with your orthopedic equipment. The Breg Polar Care Cube is one of the most reliable ice therapy machines on the market, but you still need to learn how to use it properly.

Today, we’ll explain everything you need to know about Breg Polar Care Cube troubleshooting. If you experience any issues with your cold therapy unit, this guide will help you find the answers to get your machine back to its best, helping you heal quickly and safely.

How do we know? Because at Ortho Bracing, Breg products are our specialty! We’re the leading retailer of theBreg Polar Care Cube ice machine andBreg Polar Care Cube accessories, and know the ins and outs of these units like the back of our hand. 

You can count on us for the best advice, service, and prices on a great range of premium Breg products. 

An Overview of the Breg Polar Care Cube Ice Machine

The Breg Polar Care Cube is among thebest cold therapy machines for at-home use. It provides targeted cold therapy to alleviate pain and promote healing, and has an advanced design and user-friendly features, making it a great choice for patients everywhere. 

Before we dive into Breg Polar Care Cube troubleshooting, let’s take a look at what makes this cold therapy machine such a smart choice. 

Key Features and Benefits

First of all,what is a cold therapy unit? It’s a small cooler that’s filled with ice and water. It uses a pump and tubing to move the cold water to a pad that is connected to your knee, shoulder, or other area for healing. Many people usecold therapy for inflammation or to reduceswelling after surgery.

Butis cold therapy good for you?Does ice therapy work? Andare cold therapy machines worth it? The Breg Polar Care Cube certainly is! Its compact, simple design makes it ideal for at-home use, while still offering up to 8 hours of cold therapy relief with each ice refill. 

It’s designed to provide relief from swelling and inflammation and is ideal for a range of post-op uses. It comes with a great selection of comfortable pads, including bilateral knee support and a hip pad that offers unparalleled distribution of cold therapy to the hip.

Setting Up Your Machine: A Step-by-Step Guide

TheBreg Polar Care Cube instructions for set-up are nice and simple. Just fill the with cold water up to the fill line, and add ice up to the ice line. Then, connect the pad to the tubing, and place the pad on your affected body part, but don’t place the pad directly on your skin.

When you’re ready, plug your machine into the wall to automatically start your cold therapy. Check the system for leaks as the water starts to pump around the tubing, and make sure you understandhow long to use Breg Polar Care Cube with each session. 

Breg Polar Care Cube Troubleshooting: Common Issues and Quick Fixes

Like all Breg products, issues with the Polar Care Cube are relatively rare. Still, it’s important to learn the Breg Polar Care Cube troubleshooting steps, to help you fix any small issues you encounter while you’re setting up or using your machine. 

Unit Won’t Power On

Your Breg Polar Care Cube should power on as soon as you plug it into an outlet. If this isn’t the case, start by checking that the power cord is securely connected to both the machine and the power outlet. Then, check that the power outlet itself is functioning properly.

Check for any visible damage to the power cord, then try disconnecting and re-connecting the unit from the outlet. If the unit still won’t power on, contact customer support for further assistance. 

Pads Not Getting Cold

Once the cold water starts circulating through the tubing, the pads should feel cold to the touch. Note that it can take up to 10 minutes for the unit’s flow and pressure to stabilize, so wait a few minutes after switching on to see whether the pads begin to cool.

If they don’t, make sure you’ve filled the unit with both cold water and ice up to the recommended fill lines. Check the hose for any kinks, and make sure the water is flowing to the pads freely. 

Try disconnecting and reconnecting the pads, and consider moving the unit to a higher surface like a table to improve the flow rate. If you have bandages or straps around the pad, make sure they’re not preventing the flow of water to the pad. 

Pump Not Running

If the pump isn’t running, repeat the power-on steps above. If the unit is powered on but not pumping, you may need to release air by depressing the black plus-shaped part inside the

unit connector. You can also try placing the unit on a raised surface to improve flow. 

If this still doesn’t work, unplug the unit and clean the filter. To do this, disconnect the pad, remove the lid from the cooler, and remove the filter cap from the bottom of the lid.

Take out the foam filter, then rinse both the filter cap and foam filter to remove any clogs. Reassemble the Breg Polar Care Cube and try again. 

Condensation on the Unit

Some condensation on the Polar Care Cube is normal due to the temperature difference between the cold therapy and the surrounding environment. You can usually just keep a cloth nearby to wipe condensation off the pad and tubing.

If you experience excessive condensation on the unit, try wrapping material over the pad and the hose to minimize their exposure to air. Make sure you protect your skin from condensation by using a sterile dressing with a waterproof barrier. 

Leak on the Unit

If you experience a leak on the unit, stop use. Disconnect the unit connector, ensure the metal tabs are pressed down, and then re-connect the unit. You can also try applying a lubricant to the o-rings of the unit connectors. 

If the leaking continues, or if you detect a leak in the pad or the unit’s lid, stop using the unit and contact the retailer or Breg customer care for further instructions. 

Need More Help Troubleshooting Your Breg Polar Care Cube Cold Therapy System?

Sometimes, Breg Polar Care Cube troubleshooting is straightforward, but if the issue is more complex you might need some extra hands. That’s where Ortho Bracing comes in! Here’s how we can help resolve any issues with your Breg cold therapy unit. 

Get in Touch for Personalized Assistance

The Ortho Bracing team is available 24/7 to help you on your road to recovery. Whether you need help understandinghow long to use ice machine after knee surgery or require some Breg Polar Care Cube troubleshooting tips, we’re here for you! 

With decades of experience in providing the best orthopedic solutions to patients everywhere, you can trust our experts to give you the advice and support you need, when you need it most. 

You Can Upgrade Your Unit at Ortho Bracing if It’s Beyond Repair

Sometimes, despite your best Breg Polar Care Cube troubleshooting efforts, your unit may be beyond repair. If this is the case, you might be wonderingwhere to buy cold therapy machines that will stand the test of time. At Ortho Bracing, that’s exactly what we offer. 

We have the best range of premiumBreg products for cold therapy, like theBreg Polar Care Glacier ice machine,Breg Polar Care Kodiak ice machine, andBreg Polar Care Wave cold therapy system

We also have all the pads and replacement parts you may need for your unit, includingBreg Polar Care accessories,Breg Polar Care Kodiak accessories, andBreg Polar Care Wave accessories

As well as Breg’s cold therapy range, we also stock premiumBreg Knee Braces at unbeatable prices. As always, our team is available for questions, advice, or anyBreg knee brace instructions you may need along the way.

Tips on Maintaining Your Breg Polar Care Cube for Seamless Use and Longevity

As well as learning Breg Polar Care Cube troubleshooting steps, regular maintenance is key for protecting your investment. Here’s how to maximize the healing potential of your Breg ice therapy machine for a seamless, comfortable recovery.

Regular Cleaning

Learninghow to clean Breg Polar Care Cube is fundamental to its functionality. Start by unplugging the machine and disconnecting the pad. Follow these steps onhow to drain Breg Polar Care Cube

Use a mild detergent and warm water to clean the pump and tubing. Ensure all soap residue is rinsed off before drying the components completely. 

Proper Storage

Once dry, store all components in a clean, dry place, preferably in the original packaging or a designated storage case. Avoid exposing the machine to extreme temperatures or direct sunlight during storage.

Wrapping Up Our Breg Polar Care Cube Troubleshooting Guide

Hopefully, these Breg Polar Care Cube troubleshooting steps will help you resolve any minor issues that come up with your cold therapy machine. If you have any concerns or need further help, our Ortho Bracing team is here for you!

With expert 24/7 customer support, unbeatable prices, an incredible range of premium accessories, and next-day shipping, Ortho Bracing is the only place to get your Breg Polar Care Cube. 

Invest in your healing. Get back to your best with elite orthopedic products from Ortho Bracing.