Great News! Free Standard Shipping for all new customers with orders over $188.00

Great News! Free Standard Shipping for all new customers with orders over $188.00

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Staff Pick

Pick for Hip
The hip pad on the Polar Care Cube provides the best distribution of cold therapy for the hip.

Breg Polar Care Cube

Size Guide

Wrap-On Polar Pad Size Chart

Sizing Tips

  • Shoulder - if you are above a 40" chest, choose the XL pad.
  • Knee
    • If your thigh is greater than 12" at its largest point, choose the XL pad.
    • Measure 6’ above the knee cap (picture below) then measure around your thigh.  If you do not have a measuring tape, wrap an 8 1/2 x 11” piece of paper around your thigh and make your best estimate. 
Measuring Your Thigh
Size Guide

Wrap-On Polar Pad Size Chart

Sizing Tips

  • Shoulder - if you are above a 40" chest, choose the XL pad.
  • Knee
    • If your thigh is greater than 12" at its largest point, choose the XL pad.
    • Measure 6’ above the knee cap (picture below) then measure around your thigh.  If you do not have a measuring tape, wrap an 8 1/2 x 11” piece of paper around your thigh and make your best estimate. 
Measuring Your Thigh
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Purchased by 3,100+ customers

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Pad Dimensions
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Discover the Breg Polar Care Cube: Optimal Cold Therapy for Recovery

Breg Polar Care Cube: Targeted Ice Therapy for Diverse Medical Needs

Broad Applications

Suitable for post-operative care and various surgeries

Pain and Inflammation Relief

Proven effectiveness for chronic pain and physical therapy

Orthopedic Recovery

A popular choice for managing post-surgical discomfort

Bilateral Knee Support

The optional Y-connector allows for simultaneous knee therapy, perfect for bilateral knee procedures

Comprehensive Injury Care

It's specially designed to treat a range of post-surgical andacute injuries, helping reduce edema, swelling, and pain effectively

Reliable Warranty

Backed by a 6-month warranty on the cooler and pads, ensuring peaceof mind with your investment

Authenticity Guaranteed

Authentic Breg products are available only through authorizedretailers, ensuring quality and reliability

Legally Compliant

Its sale is restricted to or on the order of a medical professional, in linewith United States Federal Law

Benefits of Using the Polar Care Cube

Ease of Use at Home

  • Simplified Home Therapy: The Polar Care Wave's compact form and organized hose system offer a straightforward setup in a home environment.
  • Silent Healing: The pump operates quietly, fostering a peaceful atmosphere conducive to healing.

Portability for Continuity

  • Easy Transportation: Its lightweight, transport-friendly design ensures that patients can continue their cold therapy regimen from professional care facilities to home care without disruption.

Customization for Comfort

  • Easy Transportation: Its lightweight, transport-friendly design ensures that patients cancontinue their cold therapy regimen from professional care facilities to home care withoutdisruption.

Accessory Range

  • Comprehensive Care Accessories: Breg's additional items like ice bags and the Y-Adaptor aredesigned for ease, extending the system's functionality, especially for patients undergoingbilateral knee replacements.

How to Use the Breg Polar Care Cube System: Easy as 1-2-3

Revolutionize Recovery with Breg Polar Care Cube: Premier Cold Compression Therapy

Innovative Therapy System

Optimal recovery with advanced technology

Anatomical Design

Pads tailored for specific body areas

Quiet & Compact

Non-disruptive and space-efficient design

High-End Value

Luxury cold therapy at an accessible price

Rapid Relief

Fast shipment for immediate therapy start

Proven Results

Clinically validated effectiveness

Essential Accessories

Additional options for enhanced treatment

Trusted Quality

Renowned for reliability and excellence

Renowned for reliability and excellence

Positively reviewed by numerous users

Medical Professional Restricted

Exclusively available through healthcare providers


To use the Breg Polar Care Cube you should begin by removing the lid. Then, add the cold water to the machine first, filling it to the waterline. Once the water is in, you can add the ice up to the ice line. Then, put the lid back on and keep the machine in an upright position. Now, it’s time to connect the main unit to the pads.

You can do this by pushing down on the two metal tabs. Then, when the tabs pop up, slide the connectors together. Once the pad is secured to your body, you can turn the machine on.

Simply plug the power supply into the wall — the machine will start automatically. Once you’re done using it, you can unplug the power supply to stop the machine. If you want a full guide on how to use the Breg Polar Care Cube, then you can read through the entireinstruction manual here. 

WrapOn Polar Pads Application Videos






Sizing Tips

  • Shoulder - if you are above a 40" chest, choose the XL pad.
  • Knee
    • If your thigh is greater than 12" at its largest point, choose the XL pad.
    • Measure 6’ above the knee cap (picture below) then measure around your thigh.  If you do not have a measuring tape, wrap an 8 1/2 x 11” piece of paper around your thigh and make your best estimate. 
Measuring Your Thigh

Pad Dimensions

Body Area Size Dimensions (LxW)
Multi-Use XL WrapOn Pad
Multi-Use XL 11.25″ x 11.25″
Knee WrapOn Pad
Knee Regular 10.25″ x 11.25″
Knee Large 11.5″ x 12″
Knee XL 12.25″ x 19″
Shoulder WrapOn Pad
Shoulder Regular 10.25″ x 11.5″
Shoulder XL 13″ x 21.5″ 10″ x 11.75″
WrapOn Hip Pad
Hip 11.5″ x 12″
Ankle WrapOn Pad
Ankle 8.25″ x 9.75″
Back WrapOn Pad
Back 8.25″ x 11″
Hand / Wrist WrapOn Pad
Hand / Wrist 8.5″ x 9.75″




You should use the Breg Polar Care Cube for around thirty minutes. If the pain continues, then you can try using it for longer periods. However, you should lift the pad and check your skin every hour or so to make sure that there is no nerve damage. 


You can drain the Breg Polar Care Cube by holding the pad upright. Then, point the hose toward the area where you want it to drain. Slowly, depress the black plunger. The pad should drain completely. 


If you want to get the most of your Breg Polar Care Cube’s lifespan, then it’s important to clean and maintain it. You can do this by emptying the machine after use. Then, get a clean cloth.

Use this to completely dry the Breg Polar Care Cube after using it. Now and then you should also clean out the pump and tubes. You can do this by running warm water and mild detergent through them few weeks, or more if you use the product often. 


Unfortunately, the Breg Polar Care Cube isn’t perfect. Some users complain that the pump on the device gets too noisy after using it for a while. Others disliked the rubber material sheathing the hose. If used too roughly this material can come loose and cause leaks.

Like any cold therapy machine, there’s also the risk of frostbite. This occurs when you leave the machine on for too long without checking it. Having a barrier is not only recommended it is a must when using any cold therapy device. As such, you will need to be constantly vigilant for nerve damage when you’re using the Breg Polar Care Cube. 

Breg Polar Care Cube Therapy System

The Breg® Polar Care Cube Therapy System is simple and reliable. It’s easy to use, compact design makes it great for clinic, hospital, and home use. With the addition of ice and water, patients will enjoy 6-8 hours of effortless cold therapy.

Proper use requires an insulation barrier between the pad and the patient’s skin. Federal law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a medical professional.

  • Post Operative
  • Arthroscopic Procedures
  • Reconstructive Procedures
  • Plastic Surgery
  • General Surgery
  • Post-Trauma
  • Chronic Pain
  • Physical Therapy


The Breg Polar Care Cube works by filling a cooler with ice and water. Then, a hose circulates that ice water through a pad that’s attached to your body. This can provide motorized cold treatment for roughly eight hours. Every Breg Polar Care Cube typically comes with both a cooler and wrap-on pad that can be strapped to a certain part of the body.

The pads come with elastic straps to secure them to your body. The specific part of the body depends on which type and size wrap-on you get with your product. We’ll go over these different pads in more detail in the accessories section. So, Breg Polar Care Cube may also only come with the cooler itself. In addition to the product, you will also receive and transformer power supply. 


Did you know that over one million orthopedic surgeries are performed every year? Unfortunately, even after these surgeries, the pain doesn’t always go away. Indeed, orthopedic trauma in any form can cause lasting discomfort in the form of fluid buildup, muscle spasms, and swelling.

There are many different ways of managing this pain. However, one of the more effective methods is a cold therapy machine. These machines utilize both ice and compression to bring lasting relief. In particular, the Breg Polar Care Cube is one of the more popular home therapy devices on the market.

So, does this cold therapy machine live up to the hype? Or is it not for everyone? In this review, we’ll teach you everything you need to know about the device. That way, you can decide whether or not it’s right for you. 


Typically, the Breg Polar Care Cube is used around the knee. However, what if you experience pain or inflammation around another part of your body? The good news is that you can buy a variety of accessories in the form of different pads.

These allow you to use the device where you need it. What’s more, they come in different sizes, so the strap will fit perfectly.

In addition to these pads, you can also purchase a “Y’ pad connector to use two pads at once. Or, if you lose your power cord you can also buy a replacement. If you want to explore all of the Breg Polar Care Cube accessories, then check out our inventory. 

Breg’s unique WrapOn Polar Pads feature elastic straps that conveniently wrap around the joint and affix to the pad, eliminating the need for foam or ace wraps. WrapOn pads are compatible with the Polar Care Cube, Polar Care Glacier and the Polar Care Cub only.

Refer to the size-chart for measurements.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 379 reviews
Kathy Wiebold
replacement pad

I borrowedmachine from a friend and my dog chewed up the pad so I had to get a replacement pad.

Denise Dauria
Great machine

The machine arrived on time for my husband’s knee surgery. It’s a great help with the swelling & pain. He is very happy with the purchase.

Richard P
Awesome machine

Machine arrived very quickly and works great!


Wow, what an amazing help for my recover. Easy to use, long circulating cooling. Great quality. Recommend for anyone needing icing for recovery.

Henry Corbett
Polar Care is the Gold Standard

I have had a Polar Care Cube for many years. I used it for two Rotator Cuff repairs and its use was invaluable. Unfortunately, it was lost in a move about a year, ago. As a Judoka, I have had numerous injuries to my knees and shoulders; and, ice is always my go-to solution. Although, I still store several ice packs in my freezer, some of my injuries and surgeries require icing for a longer period of time than I can expect from ice packs. Also, ice packs may tend to occupy more room in my freezer than I am willing to tolerate. Over the years, I have come to rely on my Polar Care Cube for giving me the kind of immediate relief that I need. Several of my Judo friends also use the Polar Care Cube and we often exchange the different pads to apply to different parts of the body. I do not know of any Polar Care Cube that has failed to provide ultimate support either to me or my friends - no leaks, no failures. I keep several 12 oz soda bottles, filled with water and frozen, in my freezer to use with my Polar Care Cube in lieu of ice. The reservoir will hold three such bottles and then I fill the reservoir with water to the recommended level - it works like a champ!

For my rotator cuff surgeries, I kept the Cube running for over 24 hours. I was alert for any potential freezing injuries, but it never got close to that. The result, I had virtually no inflammatory pain following the surgery. The relief was long-lasting.

I would not waste my money purchasing any other brand of icing machine - there are a lot of bad experiences out there by people who have bought a knock-off.